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When he was told that it would not be suffered, he said "crede et manducâsti" "faith is the communion;" and so passed away; a very noble person, so far as the surviving features of his character will let us judge; one who, if his manhood had fulfilled the promise of his youth, would have taken no common part in the Reformation. The remaining brethren were then dispersed.

Of course we fell to talking, and it came out that I was a member of the Church of England. "Ebbene, Caro Signore," said he when we shook hands at parting; "mi rincresce che lei non crede come io, ma in questi tempi non possiamo avere tutti i medesimi principii."

"I hope, at least, we shall make our excursions on a better plan of mutual understanding." "That is to say, you think yourself a good horseman?" "I would not willingly," answered Lovel, "confess myself a very bad one." "No all you young fellows think that would be equal to calling yourselves tailors at once But have you had experience? for, crede experto, a horse in a passion is no joker."

As the herald came close to him the prince's steed stopped of his own accord. "You are welcome, Cuglas," said the herald, "and I have been sent by the Princess Crede to greet you and to lead you to her court, where you have been so long expected." "I know not how this may be," said Cuglas. "How it has come about I shall tell you as we go along," said the herald.

Of fair Credé of the Yellow Hair it was said that there was scarce a gem in all Erin that she had not got as a love-token, but that she would give her heart to none. Credé had vowed that she would marry the man who made the best verses on her home, a richly-adorned dwelling in the south, under the twin cones of the Paps, and within sight of Lough Leane and Killarney.

He is a weel-grown, weel-favoured laddie, almost as much sae as our ain dear dog Steenie; but we wad say to him, in the words of the Roman bard, 'O formose puer, nimium ne crede colori! Gude pairts are better than gude looks; not that the latter are to be undervalued, but baith should exist in the same person.

"Of that I know not," said the herald; "but a true champion, like you, cannot, I know, refuse to come with me to the court of the Princess Crede." As the herald had said these words the prince and he were on the verge of the wood, and they entered upon a mossy pathway that broadened out as they advanced until it was as wide as one of the great roads of Erin.

"Esto bonus miles, tutor bonus, arbiter idem Integer: ambiguae si quando citabere testis, Incertaeque rei, Phalaris licet imperet ut sis, Falsus, et admoto dictet perjuria tauro, Summum crede nefas animam praeferre pudori, Et propter vitam vivendi perdere causas ."

In spite of the Federalists, Louisville prospered, and incidentally I prospered in a mild way. Mr. Crede, behind whose store I still lived, was getting rich, and happened to have an affair of some importance in Philadelphia. Mr. Wharton was kind enough to recommend a young lawyer who had the following virtues: he was neither handsome nor brilliant, and he wore snuff-colored clothes. Mr.

One man, seeing Dalaber's gaze fixed upon him, went up to him almost defiantly and said: "Are you spying upon us poor citizens, to whom is denied aught but the ashes of the bread of life?" Dalaber looked him full in the face, and spoke the words he had heard from Clarke's lips the previous evening: "Crede et manducasti." Instantly the man's face changed. A light sprang into his eyes.

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