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"Oh, that's all right, that's all right. But this killing of my stock?" "Well, that's so," said the other, facing the point and ruminatingly biting a splinter between his teeth. "It does look as if we had killed about everything loose in the whole Delta during the last month or so." "Are you on this railroad?" asked Blount, suddenly.

"That's what I think," said Patty, cordially; "but I had no idea that bishops were so sensible." They chatted along in a friendly manner on various subjects, and exchanged lay opinions on the college and the clergy. "It's a funny thing about this place," said Patty, ruminatingly, "that, though we have a different preacher every Sunday, we always have the same sermon."

Perhaps if I decide that I'd like to go on the stage, she may be able to help me. How much is twenty thousand pounds in dollars, Philip?" "A little over a hundred thousand," he told her. "I don't suppose they think that much out here," she went on ruminatingly. "The hotel where Mr.

People ought to be contented with what God has given them for complexions." "I wonder if she would have looked very dreadful if she hadn't taken it," Hannah said, ruminatingly. She was passing the kitchen looking-glass as she spoke, and glanced in it. Hannah considered that her own skin was very rough. "I suppose," said she, "that it would never have happened if she had been careful.

That was his body that unrecognisable thing they found in the canal. You killed him Douglas! He was so fond of life, too." "Fond of the things which meant life to him," Philip muttered. "I should never have believed that you had the courage," she observed ruminatingly. "After all, then, he wasn't faithless. He wasn't the brute I thought him."

But rarely, very rarely novel. You were thinking, you say; do you remember, perhaps, just the drift? 'Well, began Lawford ruminatingly, 'there was something curious even then, perhaps. I remember, for instance, I knelt down to read an old tombstone. There was a little seat no back. And an epitaph. The sun was just setting; some French name.

"Now, boy," he said, "luck's ben a-comin' mighty hard for you and me these last few weeks, and I ain 't a-sayin' it's over yit for both o' us." Checkers made no response. The old man chewed ruminatingly, and spat at a "devil's-horse" which sat alertly atop of a shrub near by.

This from the reporter, ruminatingly. "I sent him on to Larrabie." "Bet you a hundred that Larrabie never sees him!" "I'll take that," said the reporter. But Fox-face, perceiving better ones, changed the terms of his proffered wager. "Bet you a hundred you never hear from him, even if he does meet Condit." He hurled this at the huge man, disdaining the reporter.

'If women, he said ruminatingly, 'was to have votes, my old girl would run for Parlyment, sure as skittles. I wonder, Mas'r Dick, if a feller who courted a girl in good faith, and arter a few years found she were Prime Minister of England would that constitoot grounds for divorce?

When I marry dis girl and go back home, zen I do as I please, now I haf to do as she please. 'H'm said Constance, ruminatingly. 'Where does this girl live, Tony? 'In Valedolmo, signorina. 'What does she look like? 'She look like His eyes searched the landscape and came back to her face. 'Oh, ver' beautiful, signorina. She have hair brown and gold, and eyes yes, eyes!