I want some fruit this morning, and if I can't get it from you I shall have to drive over to Rew. That would cost five or six shillings for the trap alone, so you see I shall get off well, even if you charge me twice the usual price."

Still more remarkable endurance tests are the transcontinental trips which are undertaken so frequently nowadays that they no longer attract attention. One such trip which shows what very little trouble an automobile gives when handled with reasonable care was that made in 1909 by George C. Rew, W.H. Aldrich, Jr., R.A. Luckey, and H.G. Toney.

Better rew sit, nor rew flie. Better spare at the breird nor at the bottome. Better finger off, nor ay warking. Bind the seck ere it be full. Better be well loved, nor ill won geir. Better a clout nor a hole out. Better no ring, nor the ring of a rash. Butter and burn-trouts gar maidens f the wind. Better held out nor put out. Better have a Mouse in the pot as no flesh.

The dreamy brown eyes sent out a flash of determination. "I can!" said Ron to himself. "And I will!" Three days later a wagonette was chartered from Rew, to drive the diminished party to the scene of the haunted castle. Margot felt rather shy in the position of the only lady, but a mild proposition that she should stay at home had been so vigorously vetoed that she had nothing more to say.

That is far easier than sending over to Rew, and I'd be delighted to take a basket and bring back all I can get. While Mrs McNab makes the cakes!" Mrs McNab sniffed again, but vouchsafed no further answer. Mr Elgood's face brightened, and he cried eagerly "That is kind of you! Raspberries are very nearly as good as strawberries, and it would be splendid to get them so near at hand.

Notwithstanding this very able presentation the Federal Relations Committee reported the Rejection Resolution favorably. On the floor Lindsay Gordon of Louisa county substituted a Ratification Resolution and Harry Rew of Accomac a substitute to refer ratification to the voters.

If we shared two carriages between us, it would make all the difference, and it seems foolish-like to be in a neighbourhood and not see what there is to be seen. You can get carriages from Rew, they tell me, if you order them a day or two before." To the amazement of the company, it was George Elgood of all others who hastened to second the proposal. "A capital idea!" he cried.

She thinks we ought to be satisfied with bread and butter; I want cakes and fruit; I want her to bake, and she says she has no time to bake; I want to send over to Rew on the chance of getting strawberries; she says she has no one to send. If you agree with me, Miss Vane, perhaps she will make time; I know by experience that she is always better than her word!" Mrs McNab sniffed ironically.

The soil that erst so seemly was to seen, Was all despoiled of her beauteous hew, And soote fresh flowers wherewith the summers queen, Had clad the earth, new Boreas blasts down blew And small fowls flocking in their songs did rew The winter's wrath, wherewith each thing defaste, In woeful wise bewailed the summer past. One of the assistants in the Mirror of Magistrates.

That's funny that you an' me should both do it, Andy. But why the hell did you do it?" "Oh, it's too long to tell here. Come up to my. room." "There may be fellers there. Ever been at the Chink's?" "No." "I'm stayin' there. There're other fellers who's A.W. O.L. too. The Chink's got a gin mill." "Where is it." "Eight, rew day Petee Jardings." "Where's that?"