'No, no no matter, said I, hastily running by her in the direction of my room. 'Madame, cried she, in a high key, 'restez ici, s'il vous plait; votre chambre n'est pas faite your room is not ready for your reception yet. I continued to move on without heeding her.

Guided by a French prisoner, probably one of the deserters from La Salle, they pushed their way across wild and arid plains, rivers, prairies, and forests, till at length they approached the Bay of St. Bernard. Manuscript map of "Route que firent les Espagnols, pour venir enlever les Francais restez a la Baye St. Bernard ou St. Louis, apres la perte du vaisseau de Mr. de la Salle, en 1689."

They exchanged a good long stare, for at first she was too startled to move; and then he murmured, “Restez donc.” She lowered her eyes again on her book and after a while heard him walk away on the path. Her heart thumped while she listened to the little birds filling the air with their noise. She was not frightened. I am telling you this positively because she has told me the tale herself.

"Restez, mon fils! restez, it be veritablement one grand crime which dis pauvre diable have committed bot peut-etre de good God give him de penitence, and me vill not have upon mine head de blood of one sinner."

The Pole, in especial, who was holding the fair bride with both his arms, shook all over, and seemed about to let his burden gradually slide to the floor, when Monsieur Favart, looking at him with a benevolent smile, said "Aha, mon brave! c'est toi. Restez donc. Restez, tenant toujours la dame!"

At length the dance was at an end, And a waltz was once more called, and having done my duty, I thought I might slip out between the acts; so I offered to hand my solid armful to her seat "Certainement vouz pouvez bien restez encore un moment."

"Ah-h-h!" they cry, grinning broadly; "ah, ah, ha! ha-a-a-a!" putting into this utterance a world of amused scorn. The "regulator" of the establishment a solemn man in a tail-coat who walks about the hall preserving order gets angry at this. "Restez tranquilles," he says to the jeerers, with expressive and emphatic forefinger leveled at the group.

Let it not be said by future ages that we held our responsibilities lightly and were careless of facts, and to that end don't refer to me as Emperor until you are more familiar with dates. When we have finished with Italy I'll take you to the land where dates grow. Meanwhile, restez tranquille, as they say in French, and breathe all the air you want.

Thinking it now high time to retire with my booty, I asked if anybody would take my place, and made a notion to rise; upon which an old Gascon, who sat opposite to me, and of whom I had won a little money, started up with fury in his looks, crying, "Restez, foutre, restez! il faut donner moi mon ravanchio!"

Purchasing a second supply of candies I hastily gave them out, and with a "Restez ici, mes enfants," I passed through them and continued my walk up the street. Quite a number followed at a respectable distance, and I was cogitating how to double on them when I came to the gateway of the town cemetery, through which I hastily entered.