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You know that 'Blue Grass," pointing out a spirited leader; "she's a fair horse ez horses go, but she's apt to feel her oats on a down grade, and takes a pow'ful deal o' soothin' and explanation afore she buckles down to her reg'lar work.

I've comed 'cross lots of 'em before as was said to be 'aunted, an' so some on 'em was; but 'twasn't with ghostesses. One packet I was in, they was that bad yer couldn't sleep a wink in yer watch below, until yer'd 'ad every stitch out yer bunk an' 'ad a reg'lar 'unt.

"It would be awful if a girl had to ask some one to marry her, wouldn't it?" "Sure." Seth moved out into the passage; the last horse was bedded down, and they stood together leaning on their forks. "The man would be a silly, wouldn't he?" "A reg'lar hobo." "What's a 'hobo, Seth?" "Why, jest a feller who ain't got no 'savee." "'Savee' means 'sense, doesn't it?"

"Ay, 'tis a pity, sir," said Bostock, "such a fine fish too. Reg'lar golden-red." "Yes; what was it?" "Can't say, sir. I don't think," he added, with a grim smile, "that it was a red herring." "But you should have let it run." "Didn't want it, sir; he took the bit in his teeth, and he has run." "I mean eased it and wearied it out." "Yes, sir, I s'pose so; but I aren't big at fishing.

"This ain't no Balkan affair, let me tell you that," cried The Woman, rather chagrined at the lack of excitement. "This is going to be a terrible war. It'll be a reg'lar Army Geddin, and after that the end of the world. Folks was a sayin' that in town to-day; it's prophesied in the Bible; you can ask any of the ministers and they'll tell you.

Ferdie was still dazed. And anyhow she had said it herself. So that's how it happens I'm one of the chosen few to be landed under the Cedarholm porte-cochère that Saturday afternoon. Course the Pulsifers ain't reg'lar old fam'ly people, like Ferdie's folks.

At four o'clock or so in the morning the cook stuck his head out of the slit in the forec's'le companionway and spoke his welcome little piece. "Can't have any reg'lar sit-down this morning, boys. Have to leave the china in the becket for a while yet, but all that wants can make a mug-up, and when we get inside if we do in anything like a decent hour we'll have breakfast."

"I've took a lot o' time, but there's been every bit to make good. Let's see; this makes a week and three days I've been coming over reg'lar." "Yes, Tom," said Aleck, laughing; "and what do you think Ness says?" "Dunno, Master Aleck," said the sailor, passing his hand, as if lovingly, over the well-smoothed sweet-smelling wood he was putting into the boat. "Wants some beer?"

And if Missis McGillicuddy holds a reg'lar court of inquiry on me, as she does seven nights in the week, I'm a' goin' to stand on my rights and swear by the Jumpin' Moses I'll never set foot again in that damned, infernal, hellish buggy, sir, excuse me, sir."

There was the chance too that you no longer needed rescuing. I'm not trying to excuse my breach of faith: I am merely telling you how it came about. You realize that, I trust?" Did I? I don't know. I expect I was just sittin' there gazing stary at him. Only one thing was shapin' itself clear in my head, and fin'lly I states it flat. "Say," says I, "you you ain't my reg'lar uncle, are you?"