You are young; you have a deesposeetion good; you are handsome " "O-oh, Monsieur Parole," I exclaimed at his nattering category of my attributes, almost blushing. "Ah, but yes," he went on "I am quaite raite. You are handsome; with un air distingue; reech." I shook my head, to show that I could not lay claim to being a millionaire, in addition to my other virtues.

'Wat fool you were! so disobedient and obstinate; if you 'ad done wat I say, then we should av been quaite safe; those persons they were tipsy, and there is nothing so dangerous as to quarrel with tipsy persons; I would 'av brought you quaite safe the lady she seem so nice and quaite, and we should 'av been safe with her there would 'av been nothing absolutely; but instead you would scream and pooshe, and so they grow quite wild, and all the impertinence and violence follow of course; and that a poor Bill all his beating and danger to his life it is cause entairely by you.

She's quaite fit to sit down with any nobleman in the land." Later on in the day, Valmai, sitting on the window-seat reading out to her uncle from the daily paper, suddenly laid it aside. "Rather a dull paper to-day, uncle!"

'Oh, fie! wat shame! Do you not perceive, dearest cheaile, how much education you still need? You are proud, little demoiselle; you must become, on the contrary, quaite humble. Je ferai baiser le babouin

Every one has enemy; you will learn all that so soon as you are little older, and without cause she is mine. Come, Maud, speak a the truth was it not miladi Knollys who sent you here doucement, doucement, so quaite to my door is it not so, little rogue? Madame had confronted me again, and we were now standing in the middle of her floor.

Mary the courageous, the high-spirited, who scorned tears and laughed at weakness, was now crying and sobbing helplessly, like the greatest coward of them all. Fraulein put her arm round her compassionately. "She is quaite too tired," she said; "it is an attack of nerfs. Nefer mind, dear shild. When you will sleep to-night you shall feel quaite better to-morrow."

Sally had a picture of her all the time she was away grey-blue dress and all. She didn't like her. She hated her. She knew that they would never get on together. Miss Nosey! "Yes, meddam; no, meddam ... yes, I quite...." Sally tried to pronounce quite "quaite," as she had done. After all, she was only a sort of maid somebody to take the names of callers. She'd got no right to be saucy.

I now observed for the first time, with a kind of shock, that the shorter of the two men, who prevented our advance, was the person who had accosted me so offensively at Church Scarsdale. I pulled Madame by the arm, whispering, 'Let us run. 'Be quaite, my dear Maud, was her only reply.

"Well, I daresay you will be hanged in the long-run," was the contemptuous reply; "but come, or else take the consequences." "Tracy," said Henderson, "I saw you throw a snowball which knocked off Power's hat. It was a hard one too. You come before the monitors with Harpour." "I shall be quaite delaighted," drawled out Tracy.

I'm all right, thank you." "Ah! but yes," he retorted "you cannote deceives me. You are pallide; you take walks on feet this detestable day. Mon Dieu! votre climat c'est affreux! I knows ver wells, Meestaire Lorton, dat somesings ees ze mattaire!" "But, I'm quite well, I tell you," said I. "Quaite well en physique, bon: quaite well, here?" tapping his chest expressively the while "non!