The learned Bean is most interesting and should not be interrupted." "Better out than in," continued Joplin, brushing the crumbs from his plate. "Bread fresh bread particularly is the very worst thing a man can put into his stomach." "And how about pertaties?" shouted Malone. "I s'pose ye'd rob us of the only thing that's kep' us alive as a nation, wouldn't ye?"

Ah, Jim! whin ye git up in the marnin', a falin' shtewed, an' niver a bit o' breakfast in ye, an' go out in the djew barefut, as ye was borrn, lavin' yer coat kapin' company wid yer ugly owld hat, waitin' for yer pork and pertaties, an' see yer pig wid his two paws an' his dirty nose rachin' oover the pin, an sayin' 'good-marnin' to ye, an' squalin' away wid his big v'ice for his porridge, ye'll remimber what I say.

Errol asked Mary to find her little boy and bring him to her, and Mary told her where he was. "Sure I'll foind him aisy enough, ma'am," she said; "for it's wid Mr. Hobbs he is this minnit, settin' on his high shtool by the counther an' talkin' pollytics, most loikely, or enj'yin' hisself among the soap an' candles an' pertaties, as sinsible an' shwate as ye plase." "Mr.

"Aren't you American?" she inquired; and he laughed. To speak a foreign language in North Valley was not a mark of culture! "I've been listening to the crowd at Reminitsky's," he said, apologetically. "Oh! You eat there?" "I go there three times a day. I can't say I eat very much. Could you live on greasy beans?" "Sure," laughed the girl, "the good old pertaties is good enough for me."

"What were you doing in the back room, ma'am?" inquired the little judge. "My lord and jury," said Mrs. Cluppins, "I will not deceive you." "You had better not, ma'am," said the little judge. "I was there," resumed Mrs. Cluppins, "unbeknown to Mrs. Bardell; I had been out with a little basket, gentlemen, to buy three pounds of red kidney pertaties, which was tuppence ha'penny, when I see Mrs.

"I told ye once," laughed the girl "the good old pertaties is good enough for me!" "And you remember," said he, "what I answered?" Yes, she remembered! Her cheeks took on the colour of the rose-leaves he had specified as her probable diet. And then the Rafferty children, who had got to know Hal well, joined in the teasing. "Mister Minetti! Lika da spagetti!"

Cluppins, with interesting agitation, 'I will not deceive you. 'You had better not, ma'am, said the little judge. 'I was there, resumed Mrs. Cluppins, 'unbeknown to Mrs. Bardell; I had been out with a little basket, gentlemen, to buy three pound of red kidney pertaties, which was three pound tuppence ha'penny, when I see Mrs. Bardell's street door on the jar.

It'll not be much of a job I'll be havin' ayther." "Why! Isn't he going to have a real Thanksgiving dinner?" "She was tellin' me this mornin' thot it would be aisy, and I cud have me afthernoon the same as usual, for he'd not be in. Says she, 'a bit av a chicken will do and ye can make a pumpkin pie the day before, so what with a few pertaties and a taste of stewed tomats he'll do bravely."

We-all's got plenty uv pertaties, I growed 'em myself, this yere meat haint hurt a mite, an' water's cheap," she responded. "Yo' jest take a cheer, mister, an' yo' kin hev supper along with us as soon as grandpap comes, which'll be right soon, I reckon. We-all don't see stranger folks much up yere, an' he'll be plumb glad thet ye drapped in."

I'ld have took the pertaties out of the creel when they were put to drain at the door. If they went away from home I'ld make them think that they saw their house burning up, and so I'ld scare them to death. What would I do if you gave me leave? What wouldn't I do?"