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"Omnia quae manu hominum facta sunt, vel manu hominum evertuntur, vel stando et durando deficiunt": "All that the hand of man can make, is either overturned by the hand of man, or at length by standing and continuing consumed." The reasons of whose ruins, are diversely given by those that ground their opinions on second causes. But hereof I will give myself a day over to resolve.

Addison. ... Jovis omnia plena. Virg. As I was walking this Morning in the great Yard that belongs to my Friend's Country House, I was wonderfully pleased to see the different Workings of Instinct in a Hen followed by a Brood of Ducks.

"Omnia fanda, nefanda, malo permista furore, Justificam nobis mentem avertere deorum."

It was now harder for me to read; than it was, before, to understand, when read. But Labor omnia vincit Improbus. Incessant pains, The end obtains. And so, did I: which made my reading the more acceptable to my Master. He, on the other hand, perceiving with what earnest desire, I pursued learning, gave me not only all the encouragement, but all the help he could.

The day after the fire, as he groped among the ruins in the garden, Mr. Wesley had picked up a torn leaf of his Polyglot Bible, on which these words alone were legible: Vade; vende omnia quot habes; et attolle crucem, et sequere me. He had come to Epworth a poor man: and now, after fifteen years, he stood as poor as then; poorer, perhaps.

Cheered by this audacious pledge, David pumped upon Eve all that has trickled on my readers, and some minor details besides, and repeated Lucy's every word, sweet or bitter, and recalled her lightest action Meminerunt omnia amantes and every now and then he looked sadly into Eve's keen little face for his doom. She heard him in silence until the last fatal incident, Lucy's severity on the lawn.

Now, do not flatter yourself; Eusebius, that all these things are matters of choice with you. "Non omnia possumus omnes," is the regular rule of the profession; some stick to the curtain all their lives, from sheer inability to set it to draw it aside. You remember the sign-painter that went about painting red lions, and his reply to a refractory landlord who insisted upon a white lamb.

Dominic, have produced an obscene book." And he dashed Polifilo on the table. "Obscene? thou discourteous monk!" And the author ran round the table, snatched Polifilo away, locked him up, and trembling with mortification, said, "My Gerard, pshaw! Brother What's-his-name had not found Polifilo obscene. Puris omnia pura."

On this occasion more than once I left my paper on the cabin table, rushing away to be sick in the privacy of my state room. It was February, and the weather was miserable; but still I did my work. Labor omnia vincit improbus.

BOWMAN. "For him that pays most, pecuniae obediunt omnia, brother." "Money? And nought beside?" "As what, brother?" BELTANE. "The justice of the cause wherefore ye fight." BOWMAN. "Justice quotha cause! O innocent brother, what have such matters to do with such as I? See you now, such lieth the case.