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With my new strength, and because her weight was not on my arm, I climbed higher than usual; and then the noise of chopping drew me on to the upper edge of the forest, where I found Brother Polifilo with his sleeves rolled, hacking at a tree. He dropped his axe and stared at me, as at a ghost.

Jerome, in an indulgent moment, went with him to Fra Colonna, and there "The Dream of Polifilo" lay on the table just copied fairly. The poor author, in the pride of his heart, pointed out a master-stroke in it.

We laid her in the coffin that Brother Polifilo brought, and carried her to the summit of the mountain overlooking the pass, where the rock had allowed us to dig the shallowest of graves. Beside it, when the coffin was covered, I said good-bye to the Bavarelli and dismissed them down the hill. They understood that I had yet a word to speak to the good monk.

"La macchia! . . . la macchia!" With that last breath, drawing in the scent of it, she laid her head slowly back, and slept. The Bavarelli took it for granted that I would bury her in the graveyard, down the valley. But I consulted with Brother Polifilo.

The greatest names in Venetian architecture are Polifilo, who wrote the Hypnerotomachia, the two Bons, Rizzo, Sansovino, the Lombardis, Scarpagnino, Leopardi, Palladio, Sammicheli, and Longhena. In the following notes I have tried to mention the place of practically every rio and every calle so that the identification of the buildings may be the more simple.

The language of Pius II, especially in describing Tivoli, has a thoroughly sentimental ring, and soon afterwards appeared the first pictures of ruins, with a commentary by Polifilo. Ruins of mighty arches and colonnades, half hid in plane-trees, laurels, cypresses and brushwood, figure in his pages.

Dominic, have produced an obscene book." And he dashed Polifilo on the table. "Obscene? thou discourteous monk!" And the author ran round the table, snatched Polifilo away, locked him up, and trembling with mortification, said, "My Gerard, pshaw! Brother What's-his-name had not found Polifilo obscene. Puris omnia pura."

No; so long as the Nine Muses strew my path with roses of learning and art, me may Apollo inspire with wisdom and caution, that knowing the wiles of my countrymen, I may eat poison neither at God's altar nor at a friend's table, since, wherever I eat it or drink it, it will assuredly cut short my mortal thread; and I am writing a book heart and soul in it 'The Dream of Polifilo, the man of many arts.

"Blot out these heathen superstitions from thy mind, brother, as Christianity hath blotted them from the earth." And in this strain he proceeded, repeating, incautiously, some current but loose theological statements. Then the smarting Polifilo revenged himself.

"Such as read your Polifilo Heaven grant they may be few will find him what I find him." Poor Colonna gulped down this bitter pill as he might; and had he not been in his own lodgings, and a high-born gentleman as well as a scholar, there might have been a vulgar quarrel.