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"Very true indeed," said Lady Cecilia; 'but, Helen, listen, Granville has really found an ingenious resource. "'By Ombres Chinoises, suppose; or a gauze curtain, as in Zemire et Azore, the audience might be made to understand the main point, that GOOD resulted from Tarquin's BAD choice. Brutus, Liberty, Rome's grandeur, and the Optimist right at last.

They will have a recitation perhaps, ombres chinoises, music. Come and look at the drawings before we go. And he took his charge round the walls, which were papered with drawings and sketches, laughing and explaining.

Its title was Les Rayons et Les Ombres. She opened it by hazard at the following poem, which had no heading and which stood, a small triptych of print, rather solitary in the lower half of a large white page: Dieu qui sourit et qui donne Et qui vient vers qui l'attend Pourvu que vous soyez bonne, Sera content.

The Theatre du Palais Royal of to-day was the Theatre des Marionettes of the Comte de Beaujolais, which had for contemporaries the Fantoches Italiens, the Ombres Chinoises and the Musée Curtius, perhaps the first of the wax-works shows that in later generations became so popular.

"Ainsi", the Abbe concludes, "furent expiees les morts a jamais deplorables d'un prince magnanime, et de la plus belle et de la plus vertueuse princesse qui fut jamais. C'est ainsi que leurs ombres infortunees furent enfin pleinement appaisees par les funestes destinees de tous les complices de leur trepas." St. Real's novel was published in 1672 and has been a favorite quarry of the dramatist.

"Allon nous en d'ici: laissons la place aux ombres." Versailles without its court of marble, its fountains, its gardens and its park, and the attendant Grand and Petit Trianons, would hardly have the attraction that it has to-day.

He crowded his café by letting poets whom nobody had heard of and whose destiny some of them, Maurice Donnay for one as staid Academicians nobody could have foreseen, try their verses for the first time in public; by giving the same splendid opportunity to musicians as obscure then, whatever heights at least two Charpentier and Debussy were afterwards to reach; and by allowing the artist, while the poet was the interpreter in beautiful words and the musician in beautiful sound, to show his wonderful little dramas in black-and-white, the Ombres Chinoises that were the crowning glory of the night's performance.

I fain, like you, would see crude nature dimmed to a silvery perpetual twilight." And Corot replied: "Mon ami moi je ne vois jamais le soleil, je me plonge toujours, dans les ombres bleuâtres et les rayons pâles de l'aube." Then upward I fared till, treading the clear heights, I found one frantically painting the peaks and pinnacles of the mountains in weird stipples of alternate red and blue.

Among the other curiosities, they were taken to visit the Sultan of Madura, a hospitable old man, who treated them like fellow sultans, paraded his guards for them, gave them a feast which seemed to be all but interminable, played the native fiddle for them, led his own royal orchestra with some skill, played vingt-et-un with them, and finished by a species of ombres Chinoises, or shadowy drama, which lasted through the whole night.

This side view, really very comparable to the peephole made by actors in the drop-scene of a theatre, enabled her to catch a glimpse of numbers of elegant carriages, and a crowd of persons, swept past with the rapidity of Ombres Chinoises.

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