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"Hark, ye!" he said to Tom; "I won't deal with ye now, because the business is pressing, and I want all my hands; but I never forget. I'll score it against ye, and sometime I'll have my pay out o' yer old black hide, mind ye!" Legree turned, and went out. "There you go," said Cassy, looking darkly after him; "your reckoning's to come, yet! My poor fellow, how are you?"

You'll have fine times with me, and live like a lady, only be a good girl." Legree had been drinking to that degree that he was inclining to be very gracious; and it was about this time that the enclosures of the plantation rose to view. The estate had formerly belonged to a gentleman of opulence and taste, who had bestowed some considerable attention to the adornment of his grounds.

As they stood there now by Legree, they seemed an apt illustration of the fact that brutal men are lower even than animals.

"I was a fool, it's a fact, to let any such brangle come up," said Legree; "but, when the boy set up his will, he had to be broke in." "I reckon you won't break him in!" "Won't I?" said Legree, rising, passionately. "I'd like to know if I won't? He'll be the first nigger that ever came it round me! I'll break every bone in his body, but he shall give up!"

But " he dropped his voice to a friendly whisper "all the same, you know that what I say is true." He took a cigar from the mantel, lighted it and waved to the group. "I'll take a little stroll and smoke." Custis took Phil to the cottage of the foreman to see a night school in session. "You mean the overseer's place?" Phil asked eagerly, as visions of Simon Legree flashed through his mind.

After some months of unsuccessful search, by the merest accident, George fell in with a man, in New Orleans, who happened to be possessed of the desired information; and with his money in his pocket, our hero took steamboat for Red river, resolving to find out and re-purchase his old friend. He was soon introduced into the house, where he found Legree in the sitting-room.

Tom in various ways manifested a tenderness of feeling, a commiseration for his fellow-sufferers, strange and new to them, which was watched with a jealous eye by Legree.

A month later my gang came roaring back from the peon camp. They had worked thirty days and had not got a cent. Slave-driver Legree had driven them out when they demanded a reckoning. They were lucky to escape with their lives, their cooties and their appetites. Instead of financing me, I had to finance them again.

"I believe you are the devil!" said Legree. "Come back you hag, come back, Cass! You shan't go!" But Cassy laughed wildly, and fled on. He heard her open the entry doors that led to the garret. A wild gust of wind swept down, extinguishing the candle he held in his hand, and with it the fearful, unearthly screams; they seemed to be shrieked in his very ear.

"Ho, ho! haw! haw! haw!" laughed both the sooty wretches; and the diabolical sounds seemed, in truth, a not unapt expression of the fiendish character which Legree gave them. "Wal, but, Mas'r, Tom and Misse Cassy, and dey among 'em, filled Lucy's basket. I ruther guess der weight 's in it, Mas'r!" "I do the weighing!" said Legree, emphatically.