You see, Juan, he had a sister, and this here Cal Greathouse, he " "I object, yo' Honah! I object!" cried the State's attorney, springing to his feet. "This is bringin' the dignity o' the law into ridicule, sah! into ridicule! I object!" "Er, ah-h-h!" yawned the judge, suddenly sitting up, "'Journ court, Mr. Clerk! We will set to-morrow mornin' at the same place, at nine o'clock. Mr.

I wanted to surprise Pa," she continued rapidly, to head off the young gentleman's expostulations. "How mean of him not to be here!" "Allow me to escort you home," said he, with ceremony: "Allow me to decline the honah, Mr. Colfax," she cried, imitating him. "I intend to wait here until Pa comes in." Then Eliphalet knew that the young gentleman was Miss Virginia's first cousin.

"Yes, they say he got the gallopin' consumption while he was up Nawth, shovellin' snow an' such work, an' studyin' nights in a room 'thout no fiah. He took ole Mars's name an' he have brought honah upon it, but what good is it goin' to do him? Tell me that. For when the leaves go in the autumn time, then Jintsey's boy must go too."

"I believe er I had the honah to send up my kyard!" The colonel paused, and placed his right hand statuesquely on his heart. The two women trembled Miss Tish fancied the very shirt frill of the colonel was majestically erecting itself as they stammered in one voice, "Ye-e-es!" "That kyard contained my full name with a request to see my ward Miss Stannard," continued the colonel slowly.

"Well, for a time he was wildly happy ovah having the stain removed from his honah, and knowing that he would have his family and faw'tn back; but there is an extremely sad feature to his case that is not yet settled, so he must keep his head level until we work that out. Now about that hoss you wanted to show me " he turned to Leon. Mother gave the signal, and we left the table.

She felt it a great honor to be remembered by the bride, and thanked again, after all these years, for her parting gift. She gave a little giggle when Lloyd came up, and said, with a coy self-conscious air that was extremely amusing to the Northern man, who had never met this type of the race before, "I'se a maid of honah, too, Miss Lloyd." "You are!" was the surprised answer.

You won't need it in the carriage. Tell him that you're the maid of honah on this occasion!" It was all over so quickly, the rapid drive down the avenue, the quick dash up to the station as the train came puffing past, that Mary had little time to rehearse the part she had been bidden to play.

She was, in fact, desperately telling herself that if she attempted to lift a full glass, her shaking hand would betray her. "Yo' Honah Mis' Josselin!" Mr. Langton had caught the sound of Manasseh's footfall in the corridor without, and was on the alert before the girl entered. But at sight of her in the doorway he fell back for a moment.

Such being the case, I assume that occasion may and naturally will arise foh the use of a friend, suh, who unde'stands the code the code, suh and is not without experience in affaiahs of honah. I recognize the fact that in cehtain exigencies nothing, by Gad, but pistols, ovah a measu'ed distance, meets the case.

"Yo' Honah," said the attorney for the State, arising and striking an attitude learned in earlier forensic days "yo Honah, an' gentlemen, I rise to present to you, an' to push to the ultimate penalty of the law, a case of the most serious, the most heinyus crime, committed by the most desperate and dangerous criminal, that has thus far ever disturbed the peaceful course of ouah quiet little community.