Some of the crowd had heard the story, from the manner in which they welcomed the suggestion, and insisted upon its reproduction. "Can't, till I cook my coffee," retorted Jim, pointing to the black, greasy liquid in the cup, simmering slowly over the half-smothered fire. Jim's cup had evidently been upon duty but a short time previously as a soup-kettle.

She is down cellar," said Alice. But no kitty was there. "Maybe she is in the wood shed. I'll run and see! No, mamma, she isn't there, either. I don't think she is happy, wherever she is. She doesn't sound so. Just hear her cry!" Both listened again to the half-smothered meow. "No, she doesn't sound very happy, pet," said mamma. "She is shut up somewhere and can't get out. We must find her."

Unbar the gates!" The soldier that had maltreated Tom obeyed promptly; and as the prince burst through the portal, half-smothered with royal wrath, the soldier fetched him a sounding box on the ear that sent him whirling to the roadway, and said "Take that, thou beggar's spawn, for what thou got'st me from his Highness!" The crowd roared with laughter.

From this point to Albany the river is never lost sight of; and a grateful sight the beautiful stream afforded to a sun-dried, half-smothered traveller, to turn from the dusty track and contemplate its cool waters and pleasant groves. I sincerely pity the heart to which a drive, at such a season, through this valley of the Hudson, brings no gladness.

It was about midnight, when he heard something tumbling in the room; he rose in a moment, and, hearing a short and heavy breathing, he asked who it was, for the darkness was such, that he could not see two yards before him. No answer being given, except a kind of half-smothered grunt, he advanced, and, putting out his hand, he seized the shaggy coat of a bear.

Down-town the streets were crowded with the package-laden people, bending heads and shoulders to the bitter wind, which swept a blinding, sleet-like snow horizontally against them. At corners it struck so tumultuous a blow upon the chest of the pedestrians that for a moment it would halt them, and you could hear them gasping half-smothered "AHS" like bathers in a heavy surf.

One after another he selected three heavy sweaters, then laid strong hands upon his protege and jerked him to his feet. "Sick, eh? Here, get into these!" "What do you mean, Lawrence?" inquired his victim. "If you get sick, I die." Glass opened the first sweater, and half-smothered his protege with it. "Hurry up! You're going into training!" That was a terrible hour for J. Wallingford Speed.

Over all life there was the hopeless, resentful dulness that oppressed men and women till it drove them half mad, to the doing of desperate things in love and war; there was the everlasting restraint of danger without and of forced idleness within danger so constant that it ceased to be exciting and grew tiresome, idleness so oppressive that battle, murder and sudden death were a relief from the inactivity of sluggish peace; a state in which the mind was no longer a moving power in man, but only by turns the smelting pot and the anvil of half-smothered passions that now and then broke out with fire and flame and sword to slash and burn the world with a history of unimaginable horror.

But he's lightning hitting from close in in-fighting they call it where most big fighters don't shine. That's because he's had Flash's coaching. You want to keep away from him keep him at arm's length, and maybe he won't do too much harm. I I'd let him do all the leading, if I were you, and and kind of run ahead of him." The voice came half-smothered from the cluttered bin of equipment.

The more we thought of it, the better I liked the plan, and Polly was no less happy over it. We talked of it morning, noon, and night, and my half-smothered instinct grew by what it fed on. Countless schemes at length resolved themselves into a factory farm, which should be a source of pleasure as well as of income.