A citizen of the world and a student of its purlieus, like myself, ought to know what there is to know! Now you're a man of sense, in spite of a few bad habits such as myself, for example. Is this fad of yours madness? which would be quite to your credit, for gadzooks, I like a lunatic! Or is it the complaint of a man who has gathered too much data on the subject of Old Rye?

Gadzooks, gramercy." Many of the old houses, round about, speak very plainly of those days when Kingston was a royal borough, and nobles and courtiers lived there, near their King, and the long road to the palace gates was gay all day with clanking steel and prancing palfreys, and rustling silks and velvets, and fair faces.

"Gadzooks, you're in the right, sir!" cried Pallet; "that, I grant you, must be confessed: doctor, I'm afraid we have got into the wrong box." This son of Paean, however, far from being of his friend's opinion, observed, with an air of triumph, that he would not only demonstrate the sophistry of the gentleman's last allegation by argument and facts, but even confute him with his own words.

Master Decimus Saxon had flung to the winds the precise demeanour which he had assumed in the presence of my father, and rattled away with many a jest and scrap of rhyme or song as we galloped through the darkness. 'Gadzooks! said he frankly, 'it is good to be able to speak freely without being expected to tag every sentence with a hallelujah or an amen.

I sat for a moment regarding him, my chin in my hand. "No," said I at last; "I already am out of the water, my friend. But, prithee, have a care of yonder lanyard, else, gadzooks! you may belike blow me off the bank and into the water." This speech of mine seemed as much to disconcert the pirate chieftain as had his me.

"Gadzooks, Sir Robert," said the squire, "don't you know that a cat may look at a king? Hastings must be a man of devilish good taste, Bob, and you ought to thank him." Mr. Brown and Mr. Hastings soon afterwards went upstairs, and left the other gentlemen to their liquor, which they now began to enjoy with a more convivial spirit.

He was a bachelor, inwardly at war with his environment, but making a bold front with his tuppence worth of philosophy to conceal the unrest within. A bachelor of thirty, strong in limb, clear in brain and yet a dependent! No one but himself to support, and couldn't even do that! Gadzooks!

Mine host bowed again as he made answer: What say you, good masters, to a squab pigeon pasty, some collops of venison, a saddle of veal, widgeon with crisp hog's bacon, a boar's head with pistachios, a bason of jolly custard, a medlar tansy and a flagon of old Rhenish? Gadzooks! cried the last speaker. That likes me well. Pistachios! Aha! cried he of the pleasant countenance.

As he walked along, nodding to one, exchanging a word with another, his eye fell on my father, whom he knew at once, as he did most people, however long a time had passed since he had seen them. `Gadzooks! why, there's my old friend Colonel Benbow! exclaimed the King, going up to him and giving him a warm embrace. `I have not seen you since we parted at Worcester; if all had acted as bravely as you did, we should have had a very different account to give of that day.

I wondered if she didn't have the spirit of adventure in her make-up, also. Girls do, sometimes. When I had got in again, I turned to her, remembering something. "Gadzooks, madam! I command you not to scream," I quoted sternly.