She then did her hair with her fingers, and rubbed her bonnet in the flue under the bed. I know she did, as well as if I had assisted at the orgy. Who is she? said Mrs. Hauksbee. 'Don't! said Mrs. Mallowe feebly. 'You make my head ache. I am miserable to-day. Stay me with fondants, comfort me with chocolates, for I am. Did you bring anything from Peliti's? 'Questions to begin with.

"Madam, it speaks of love!" replied Teresa, still smiling. "And love makes you smile?" "I would rather smile than weep over it, Madam!" replied Teresa, with a slight colour warming her fair face; "But as concerns this book, I smile, because it is full of such foolish verses, as light and sweet and almost as cloying, as French fondants!" "Let me hear!" said the Queen; "Read me a few lines."

Stanhope justly holding that the opportunity, the little gathering, was the thing, and it was not long before the moment of celebration arrived for which the gentlemen of the Stock Exchange, to judge from their undrained glasses, seemed to be reserving themselves. There certainly had been one tin of pate, and it circulated at that end; on the other hand the ladies had all the fondants.

Tapple! take a bit of wood an old skewer or something. Oh, they're coming out all right! That's it!" And she popped one of the pear- drops into her mouth. "They are really very good better than French fondants so much more innocent and refreshing!" Here she took possession of the little paper-bags which Mrs. Tapple had filled with the sweets. "Thank you, Mrs. Tapple!

A white napkin was spread daintily upon a flat-topped rock, and on this were set a large pink and white cake and a box of fondants. "Goodness!" ejaculated Chris. "Merveilleux!" exclaimed the Frenchman. She turned upon him. "Now, Bertie, you needn't pretend you are not at the bottom of it, for I am old enough to know better.

And he did not know himself what orders to give and why he had run out. He only told them to take out of the box the presents for the girls, the sweets, the toffee and the fondants. “And vodka for Andrey, vodka for Andrey!” he cried in haste. “I was rude to Andrey!” Suddenly Maximov, who had followed him out, touched him on the shoulder.

Both windows were wide open, and as she walked across the room she noticed the basins on the floor, the lamp on the round table, and the glint of steel instruments. The students and the nurses were behind her; she knew they were eating sweets, for she heard a young man ask the young women if they would have any more fondants.

But the main part of the goods ordered would be packed and sent off, as on the previous occasion, in a special cart also with three horses traveling at full speed, so that it would arrive not more than an hour later than Dmitri Fyodorovitch himself. “Not more than an hour! Not more than an hour! And put in more toffee and fondants. The girls there are so fond of it,” Mitya insisted hotly.

Then roll this mixture into the shape of carrots; roll them in finely-grated breadcrumbs, and fry them in hot lard or refined fat. Lay them on a hot dish, and, at the thicker end of each carrot stick in a sprig of parsley to look like the stalk. For twelve fondants make a white sauce with two soupspoons of flour and milk. Add to it the yolks of three eggs.

The fondants are all right. But what do you want with four dozen of champagne? One would be enough,” said Pyotr Ilyitch, almost angry. He began bargaining, asking for a bill of the goods, and refused to be satisfied. But he only succeeded in saving a hundred roubles. In the end it was agreed that only three hundred roubles’ worth should be sent.