The ample Cumbrian kitchen would have afforded plenty of room even for a larger separation. Robin, thus seated, proceeded to light his pipe, and call for a pint of twopenny. "We have no twopenny ale," answered Ralph Heskett, the landlord; but as thou find'st thy own tobacco, its like thou may'st find thine own liquor too it's the wont of thy country, I wot."

'Thou who seek'st my fountain lone, With thoughts and hopes thou dar'st not own; Whose heart within leap'd wildly glad When most his brow seem'd dark and sad; Hie thee back, thou find'st not here Corpse or coffin, grave or bier; The Dead Alive is gone and fled Go thou, and join the Living Dead!

Yet, alarmed as she was, there was something in the exhilaration and elasticity of the mountain air that gave her an entirely new sensation of enjoyment and life, and seemed to brace her limbs and spirits for whatever might be before her; and, willing to show herself ready to be gratified, she observed on the freshness and sweetness of the air. "Thou find'st it out, child?

"But thee know'st thyself as it's hearing the preachers thee find'st so much fault with has turned many an idle fellow into an industrious un. It's the preacher as empties th' alehouse; and if a man gets religion, he'll do his work none the worse for that." "On'y he'll lave the panels out o' th' doors sometimes, eh, Seth?" said Wiry Ben.

Then by there came riding a bold youthful knight, Who asked, 'So strange on me gaze thine eyes bright? 'I long sore for love! Then he laughed, 'Foolish maiden, wilt come to my arms, There can'st thou rest sweetly, free from all harms, And there find'st thou love. "'Dear heart, dost thou know how forsaken I dwell?

Bless God, then, for this holiness of his, And learn to look by faith on that alone, When thou seest thou hast nothing of thine own; Yea, when thy heart most willing is to do What God by his good word doth call thee to; And when thou find'st most holiness within, And greatest power over every sin, Yet then to Jesus look, and thou shalt see In him sanctification for thee, Far more complete than all that thou canst find In the most upright heart and willing mind, That ever man or angels did possess, When most filled with inherent righteousness.

What would he have said of the four-year shambles we have watched with sickened hearts? You remember my favourite poem old George Herbert's Church Porch where he says By all means use sometimes to be alone; Salute thyself; see what thy soul doth wear; Dare to look in thy chest, for 'tis thine own, And tumble up and down what thou find'st there

The ample Cumbrian kitchen would have afforded plenty of room, even for a larger separation. Robin thus seated, proceeded to light his pipe, and call for a pint of twopenny. "We have no twopence ale," answered Ralph Heskett the landlord; "but as thou find'st thy own tobacco, it's like thou mayst find thy own liquor too it's the wont of thy country, I wot."

Would to heaven I had earlier known thee but even this glimpse of thy worth has lightened my heart. Thou find'st me here a poor condemned criminal, unable to provide for thy future wants nay, I can yet do a little for thee, too. This bag contains gold. It has been sent to me by a relative, thinking it might be of service in averting the punishment that awaits me.

"For I am now so sunk from what I was, Thou find'st me at my lowest water-mark. The rivers that ran in and raised my fortunes Are all dried up, or take another course: What I have left is from my native spring; I've a heart still that swells in scorn of Fate, And lifts me to my banks." This is certainly, from beginning to end, in what used to be called the grand style, at once noble and natural.