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Bring out a quantity of fine excelsior for replacing the leg muscles and skull meat and for filling the body after assembling the wired parts within the skin. In wrapping on the artificial leg muscles begin at the feet.

"Yes, I've read 'm," he broke in impulsively, spurred on to exhibit and make the most of his little store of book knowledge, desirous of showing her that he was not wholly a stupid clod. "'The Psalm of Life, 'Excelsior, an' . . . I guess that's all." She nodded her head and smiled, and he felt, somehow, that her smile was tolerant, pitifully tolerant.

In the dead silence that ensued a silence so profound that we could hear the horses in the distant stable-yard rattling their harness one of the younger "Excelsior" boys burst into a hysteric laugh, but the fierce eye of Yuba Bill was down upon him, and seemed to instantly stiffen him into a silent, grinning mask.

The spiral columns of translucent alabaster which support the altar, are padded with excelsior and wrapped with canvas. Swinging curtains of quilted burlap protect the walls of the chapels and transepts from flying shell fragments. Yet all these precautions would probably avail but little were a bomb to strike St. Mark's.

"But I do. Petrol in one, tools in the other. However." "Jonah's right," said Daphne. "We'd better stop at Steeple." "Not I." said I. "Nor me," said Jill. "Boy and I'll come back to our dear Fallow and our nice big grate and our own beds." "Good little girl," said I. Berry emptied his mouth and began to recite "Excelsior."

"I don't know," said Mrs. Evelyn, "it is signed 'Hugh'. There have been a good many of his pieces in the Excelsior, for a year past, and all of them pretty." "Hugh!" exclaimed Edith, springing forward, "that's the one that wrote the Chestnuts! Fleda, wont you read Mr. Carleton the Chestnuts?" "Why, no, Edith; I think not." "Ah, do!

Was it not all true? could he contradict the smile? Alas! it was true; it was useless for him now to attempt even to combat such smiles. 'Excelsior, indeed! his future course might now probably be called by some very different designation. Easy, very easy, is the slope of hell.

He encouraged them to sing, he who felt every ugliness in sound like a blow; he urged them to recite for prizes of sixpences, he on whose soul Casabianca and Excelsior had much the effect of scourges on a tender skin; he led them out into a field between tea and supper and made them run races, himself setting the example, he who caught cold so easily that he knew it probably meant a week in bed.

He now tried to pretend that everything was over. He gathered boards, excelsior and the crate and piled them in the kitchenette, which they approximately filled. But inevitably he was brought back. He stood with hands upon the cover of the upreared case, drew a long shivering breath and gently lifted it off.

'Excelsior! What had he to do with 'Excelsior? What miserable reptile on God's earth was more prone to crawl downwards than he had shown himself to be? And then again a vision floated across his mind's eye of a young sweet angel face with large bright eyes, with soft delicate skin, and all the exquisite charms of gentle birth and gentle nurture.

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