Swindles raised the bedclothes. "Oh, Mr. Swindles, you are burning me." "For 'eaven's sake don't let him start out from under the bed like that! Can't yer 'old him? Burning you! I never even touched you with it; it was the sheet that you felt." "Then the sheet is at 'ot as the bloody fire. Will yer leave off?"

"I should 'ave guessed you to be that if I 'adn't 'eard it, sonny," said the Sergeant dryly, the implied sarcasm provoking a subdued guffaw. He added, as the visiting patrol rode on and the picket marched back to the Cemetery: "Can't relieve you of your rifle, because you 'aven't got 'er. What in 'Eaven's name are they goin' to do to you? Well, you'll find out to-morrow. Left face; quick march!"

Leggatt come out noble as your employee, and, by 'Eaven's divine grace, instead of arguing, he pleaded his new paint and varnish which was Mr. "True," says he, "paint's an 'oly thing. I'll give you one hour to arrange a modus vivendi. Full bunkers and steam ready by 9 P.M. to-night, if you please." 'Even so, Mr. Leggatt was far from content. I 'ad to arrange the details.

'Ere's you now, Number Three, as I might say, the unfort'nate wictim as was to be 'ere you are a-valking up to Fate axing to be made a corp', and vot do you get? not so much as a scrat not a westige of a scrat, v'ile another unfort'nate wictim vill run avay from Fate, run? ah! 'eaven's 'ard! and werry nat'ral too! and vot does 'e get? 'e gets made a corp' afore 'e knows it.

'For 'eaven's sake, 'e says, 'give 'er the medicine as the doctor left, and I'll go and tell 'im as you've done it. And off 'e goes, though it was gettin' latish and no one to attend to the bar. Well, I fetched the medicine, and I took it to 'er, and I says, ''Ere you are, mother, I says, 'you 'ave a dose o' this. It'll kill the pain. I gave it 'er in a teaspoon like 'e said, and she took it.

They did not pay prompt and unhesitating obedience to the "Retires" or the "Cease Fires" or the "For 'Eaven's sake come to bed, ducky" of their officers, who, I regret to say, were 'otly embroiled at the heads of their respective units. 'How did you find that out? I asked.

A voice said, "For 'eaven's sike, Jine, don't begin to sing." Jay laughed. "Treating me as if I were drunk ..." she thought. She did not feel giddy any more. She could see the familiar outline of the House against an unpretentious sky, and that calm shape steadied her. No breath of sound came from the House. The sky was grey, the sea was grey, there was no hint of sunlight.

If yer loves 'Im as sends 'em, yer 'll go there. ''Ave yer ever bin? ses I. ''Ave yer ever saw anyone that's bin? 'Ave yer ever saw anyone that's saw anyone that's bin? 'No, 'e ses. 'Don't, me girl, don't! 'Garn, I ses; 'tell me somethin' as 'll do me some good afore I'm dead! 'Eaven's too far off." "The kingdom of 'eaven is at 'and," said Miss Montaubyn. "Bless yer, yes, just 'ere."

"String 'im up!" suggested Sonora, and as before he shot a questioning look at the man, who was regarding the scene with bored interest. "You bet!" shouted Trinidad, pulling at the Australian's arm. "For 'eaven's sake, don't, don't, don't!" wailed The Sidney Duck, terror-stricken.

The car stopped, and it fled away. There was a little pond in front of us from which rose a dome of irregular sticks crowned with a blunt-muzzled beast that sat upon its haunches. "Is it catching?" said Pyecroft. "Yes. I'm seeing beaver," I replied. "It is here!" said Kysh, with the air and gesture of Captain Nemo, and half turned. "No no no! For 'Eaven's sake not 'ere!"