'Dere some hard vord vos, said Adolf, patiently, 'of which I gannot dze meaning. James briefly cursed the hard word. 'But, proceeded Adolf, 'of one vord, of dze vord "giss", I dze meaning know. Zo! James looked at him. There was a pause. Two minutes later the English lesson was in full swing.

He was surprised to find that Adolf, so far from getting out, came in and shut the door. 'Zst! said Adolf, with a finger on his lips. James stared. 'In dze garten zis morning, proceeded his visitor, grinning like a gargoyle, 'I did zee you giss Violed. Zo! James's heart missed a beat. Considered purely as a situation, his present position was not ideal.

Oh! great wast thou, O king Wu, Displaying the utmost strength in thy work. Truly accomplished was king Wan, Opening the path for his successors. Thou didst receive the inheritance from him. Thou didst vanquish Yin, and put a stop to its cruelties; Effecting the firm establishment of thy merit. The Third Decade, or that of Min Yue Hsiao Dze. THE MIN YUe.

He had to work hard, and there was not much money attached to the job. But it was what the situation stood for that counted. It was his little rock of safety in the midst of a surging ocean of West Australian sheep. Once let him lose his grip on it, and there was no chance for him. He would be swept away beyond hope of return. 'What do you mean? he said hoarsely. 'In dze garten.

James listened attentively to this tabloid tragedy, but made no comment. 'Anysing vrom dze fillage, sare? Adolf's voice was meaning. James produced a half-crown. 'Here you are, then. Get me half a dozen stamps and keep the change. 'Zdamps? Yes, sare. At vunce. James's last impression of the departing one was of a vast and greasy grin, stretching most of the way across his face.

I determined to take dinner here, but before the meal was prepared I was taken with such violent pain in the intestens that I was unable to partake of the feast of marrowbones. my pain still increased and towards evening was attended with a high fever; finding myself unable to march, I determined to prepare a camp of some willow boughs and remain all night. having brought no medecine with me I resolved to try an experiment with some simples; and the Choke cherry which grew abundanly in the bottom first struck my attention; I directed a parsel of the small twigs to be geathered striped of their leaves, cut into pieces of about 2 Inches in length and boiled in water untill a strong black decoction of an astringent bitter tact was produced; at sunset I took a point of this decoction and abut an hour after repeated the dze by 10 in the evening I was entirely releived from pain and in fact every symptom of the disorder forsook me; my fever abated, a gentle perspiration was produced and I had a comfortable and refreshing nights rest.

Mr Blatherwick was an austere man. He would not overlook such a crime. He appealed to the other's chivalry. 'What about Violet? he said. 'Surely you don't want to lose the poor girl her job? They'd be bound to sack her, too. Adolf's eyes gleamed. 'Zo? Lizzun! When I do gom virst here, I myself do to giss Violed vunce vish. But she do push dze zide of my face, and my lof is durned to hate.

After all, an astigmatic parent, seeing Adolf in a dim light, might be impressed by him. You never could tell. 'Well? said James, glaring. 'Anysing vrom dze fillage, sare? The bulk of Adolf's perquisites consisted of the tips he received for going to the general store down the road for tobacco, stamps, and so on. 'No. Get out, growled James, turning to his work.

He added a few words in his native tongue, and proceeded. 'Vait! Lizzun! I zay to you, vait! Brezendly, ven I haf dze zilver bolished und my odder dudies zo numerous berformed, I do Herr Blazzervig vil vith von liddle szdory vich you do know go. Zo! He shot off to his lair. James turned away and went down the passage to restore his nervous tissues with coffee.

He planted about it hazel and chesnut trees, The I, the Thung, the Dze, and the varnish tree. Which, when cut down, might afford materials for lutes. He surveyed Khu and Thang , With the lofty hills and high elevations about. He descended and examined the mulberry trees. He then divined by the tortoise-shell, and got a favourable response ; And thus the issue has been truly good.