And now that cross-mark between the two straight lines two finger-joints northwest of the anchorage-cove, it was. That's just about here." He marked the spot on the floor with his stick. "Now we've got it all down. And if that cross-mark shows where the treasure is " Jeremy paused and looked at Bob, his eyes shining. "Where would that be up on the hill somewhere?" asked Bob breathlessly.

The Esperanza bank guaranteed salaries, which was to run between $800 and $800.50. "Well, sir, we finally got in shape. Over the front door was carved the words: 'The World's University; Peters & Tucker, Patrons and Proprietors. And when September the first got a cross-mark on the calendar, the come-ons begun to roll in. First the faculty got off the tri-weekly express from Tucson.

Such maids and wives as were nearest the building were haled in, laughing, by their relations; and in the absence of the agents, and of that awe which goes with making your cross-mark on a paper, a quick carnival was held on the spot where so many solemn contracts had been signed. An odor of furs came from the packing-rooms around, mixed with gums and incense-like whiffs.

"It will grow till I want it." The Grandmother of the Dolls then made a cross-mark on the carpet and waved her cane in the air. This was done to put a spell on Billy-Billy Blackfoot, but before the spell could work Billy-Billy made a circle by chasing his tail around. Then he glared at the little old woman and slowly closed one eye. This was too much.

These Canadians mixed their own drink, and made a cross-mark on the inside of the cupboard door, using a system of bookkeeping evidently agreed upon between themselves and the landlord. He shouted for the lazy barkeeper, who answered nothing out of nothingness. Nightfall was very clear and fair in this Northwestern territory. A man felt nearer to the sunset.

They soon found a mouth of a cave where they knew not that any cave was to be looked for, whereupon one of the wayfarers set up a cross-mark in the door of the cave, and then with his fellow-traveller sat down on two stones at the mouth of the cave, as they did not dare to risk themselves too far in the gloomy abode away from the cross.

"Couldn't suit better if I'd had it made to order," chuckled the Doctor. "And I did pretty near make it over to order. It was a dead-and-alive town when we opened up here. Didn't care much about my business, either. Now we're the biggest thing in town. Why Certina is the cross-mark that shows where Worthington is on the map. The business is sim-plee BOOMING." The word exploded in rapture.

He carried the paper in one hand, a pencil in the other, and when he could find the one he wanted in a crowd of his comrades, he took special pleasure in serving his notice, and would say in his solemn, sepulchral voice: "Mr. , the president wants to see you at the office." Then Mr. took the pencil and made a cross-mark opposite his name, which was evidence of his having received his summons.

I took personal charge of running down this man and his pretensions in the section of the city where he lived and among his old neighbors. They were a typical East Side lot ignorant, generally stupid, incapable of long memory, but ready to oblige a neighbor and to turn an easy dollar by putting a cross-mark at the bottom of a forthcoming friendly affidavit.

Another half-hour passed, and the Colonel, putting a double cross-mark at the bottom of his paper that being how you write "Finis" on the press raised his head. "Mr. Queed." "Yes." The connecting door opened, and the young man walked in. His chief eyed him thoughtfully. "Young man, you have picked up a complexion like a professional beauty's. What is your secret?" "I daresay it is exercise.