These are the simples of this precious compound; a kind of Dutch hotch-potch, the Hogan Mogan committee-man. The Committee-man hath a sideman, or rather a setter, hight a Sequestrator, of whom you may say, as of the great Sultan's horse, where he treads the grass grows no more.

Schuch, and in a fit of desperation seized hold of his arm, with the intention of putting him out of the room by force. The committee-man being on his guard, the manoeuvre failed. Czarnecki, seeing himself foiled, his iniquity discovered, and his ill-gotten wealth likely to be confiscated, committed suicide, and thus left the president and generals to fight their own battles.

"Lewis Rand stands ten ahead!" cried a committee-man; and the sheriff, "Gentlemen, gentlemen! order at the polls!" A small, wizened man, middle-aged and elaborately dressed in much ancient and tarnished finery, came bowing through the crowd. A curled wig shadowed a narrow face, and lace ruffles fell over long-fingered hands, yellow as old ivory.

The news quickly reached the Ledge Hill district that "Jim Garfield," as he was popularly called, was to be their next teacher. "Have you heard about the new master?" asked Tom Bassett, one of the hard cases, of a friend. "No. Who is it?" "Jim Garfield." The other whistled. "You don't mean it?" "Yes, I do." "How did you hear?" "Mr. ," naming the committee-man, "told me." "Then it must be so.

For this, he had been rewarded by Pixley, his precinct committee-man, who allowed him to carry pink torches in three night processions. "You keeb oud politigs," said Bertha, earnestly, one evening. "My uncle, Louie Gratz, he iss got a neighbour-lady; her man gone in politigs. Aftervorts he git it! He iss in der bennidenshierry two years. You know why?"

Removal from an office, which can be enjoyed only for the term of three years, and of which the lawful emoluments, even during that term, are so very small, seems to be the utmost punishment to which any committee-man is liable, for any fault, except direct malversation, or embezzlement, either of the public money, or of that of the company; and the fear of the punishment can never be a motive of sufficient weight to force a continual and careful attention to a business to which he has no other interest to attend.

Monk. "My orders is as follers: Get him there by seving! It wants a quarter to seving. Stand out of the way!" "But, sir," exclaimed the Committee-man, seizing the off leader by the reins "Mr Monk, we are come to escort him into town! Look at the procession, sir, and the brass bands, and the people, and the young women, sir!" "I'VE GOT MY ORDERS!" screamed Mr. Monk.

"As according to him there is none," laughed Graham, "I cannot see where the punishment comes in." "Oh, he may say so in that book," said Mrs. Montagu Samuels, an amiable, loose-thinking lady of florid complexion, who dabbled exasperatingly in her husband's philanthropic concerns from the vain idea that the wife of a committee-man is a committee-woman. "But he knows better."

The time so squandered in riotous gaming might have, fixed the afternoon's "North Poles and Equators" triumphantly in mind, to the everlasting defiance of all alien questioning; but no! for human delight lies ever in the unattainable. The committee-man comes like Nemesis, aequo pede, the lesson is unlearned, and the stern-fibred little teacher orders out the rack known as staying after school.

"Hello, boys," the committee-man called out with automatic geniality, as he descended the broken steps. "How are ye? All here? That's good; that's the stuff! Good work!" Only Toby replied with more than an indifferent grunt; but he ran forward, carrying an empty beer keg which he placed as a seat for the guest. "Ahaha, Meesa Peeslay! Make a parade? Torchlight? Bandaplay ta ra, la la la? Firework?