One that wou'd be cuckolded by every feather'd Fool; that you'd call a Beau un Gallant Homme. 'Sdeath! Enter Scaramouch running. Sea. Oh Madam! hide your Lover, or we are all undone. Char. Doct. Bellemante, Niece, Bellemante. Scar. She's coming, Sir. Where, where shall I hide him? Enter Doctor. Doct. Oh Niece!

I'll to the Gipsy, though I venture banging, To be undeceiv'd, 'tis hardly worth the hanging. SCENE III. The Chamber of Bellemante. Enter Scaramouch groping. Scar. Enter Harlequin groping. Har. Scar. Ha, I hear a soft Tread, if it were Mopsophil's, she wou'd not come by dark. Har. What a Devil, is it vanish'd? Scar. Devil, vanish'd! What can this mean? 'Tis a Man's Voice.

Bellemante, Harlequin, Cinthio's Man, Mr. Jevern. Officer and Clerk. Elaria, Daughter to the Doctor, Mrs. Cooke. Bellemante, Niece to the Doctor, Mrs. Mumford. Florinda, Cousin to Elaria and Bellemante. Mopsophil, Governante to the young Ladies, Mrs. Cory. The Persons in the Moon, are Don Cinthio, Emperor; Don Charmante, Prince of Thunderland.

How, Sir, no marvel then, that looking towards the South, I saw such splendid Glories in the Air. Doct. Ha, saw'st thou ought descending in the Air? Scar. Oh, yes, Sir, Wonders! haste to the old Gallery, whence, with the help of your Telescope, you may discover all. Doct. I would not lose a moment for the lower Universe. Enter Elaria, Bellemante, Mopsophil, dressed in rich Antick Habits. Ela.

You shall, Sir, together with a Map of Terra Incognita; a great Rarity, indeed, Sir. Enter Bellemante. Doct. Jewels, Sir, worth a King's Ransom! Bell. This must be some Scout sent from our Forlorn Hope, to discover the Enemy, and bring in fresh Intelligence. Hum, that Wink tipt me some Tidings, and she deserves not a good Look, who understands not the Language of the Eyes. Doct.

Better than all Galenicus. SCENE IV. Draws off to Bellemante's Chamber, discovers Elaria, Bellemante and Mopsophil in Night-Gowns. Mop. You have your Lessons, stand to it bravely, and the Town's our own, Madam. Enter Doctor softly. Doct. Ha, not in Bed! this gives me mortal Fears. Bell. Doct. Bell. Doct. Bell.

Chevalier a Cheveux blonds, Plus de Mouche, plus de Poudre, Plus de Ribons et Cannons. Oh, what a dear ravishing thing is the beginning of an Amour! Ela. Thou'rt still in Tune, when wilt thou be tame, Bellemante? Bell. When I am weary of loving, Elaria. Ela. To keep up your Humour, here's a Letter from your Charmante. Bellemante reads.

At Lincoln's Inn Fields, 28 June, 1717, Bullock again sustained Scaramouch and had Spiller as his Harlequin. Four years later, 6 February, 1721, they were acting the same roles at this theatre, with Mrs. Cross as Bellemante, and Quin, Ryan, in the cast. The farce was repeated on 25 October of the same year.

On this occasion Pinkethman played Harlequin; Hippisley, Scaramouch; Milward, Charmante; and Chapman, Cinthio. The farce was put on as a first piece at Covent Garden, 14 February, 1739. Pinkethman was Harlequin; Rosco, Scaramouch; Arthur, the Doctor; Hallam, Charmante; Hall, Cinthio; Mrs. James, Mopsophil; Mrs. Vincent, Elaria; and the fair Bellamy, Bellemante.

Come, come, take Heart of Grace; pull your Hats down over your Eyes; put your Arms across; sigh and look scurvily; your simple Looks are ever a Token of Repentance: come come along. SCENE III. Changes to the Inside of the House. The Front of the Scene is only a Curtain or Hangings, to be drawn up at Pleasure. Enter Elaria, Bellemante, Mopsophil, Florinda, and Ladies, dress'd in Masking Habits.