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Francis Barber I have had the following authentick and artless account of the situation in which he found him recently after his wife's death: 'He was in great affliction. Mrs. Williams was then living in his house, which was in Gough-square. He was busy with the Dictionary. Mr. Shiels, and some others of the gentlemen who had formerly written for him, used to come about him.

Vapouring and braging of their skill, and decrying Physicians, by talking above the Capacity of those they converse with, who therefore take all they say to be authentick, though never so absurd, and trivial, and many times to set off themselves they will venture to speak Latine commonly as false as the matter, although some of them at Coffee-Houses, and in other mixt Companies, by venturing so boldly have been met with and baffled, and made to depart thence with shame and discredit enough, which their friends and acquaintance take little notice of.

Why, this was spoke like one of us; canst doo't Agen? thy voice is more authentick, soundes As I have heard a Cavalliers in taverne, Or like the merry master of the Dragon, Small Neptune, that controlls the rich Canaries, When he Comaunds the Tritons of his cellar 'Skud, and bring wine, you varlotts, with a flavour For my Nobilitie. Wee were conspiring To goe to'th taverne. Cou.

The peculiar orthography of the writer is defended in the preface, for he allows himself not only such divergencies as 'tremenduous, 'authour, 'ambassadour, but also 'authentick' and 'panegyrick. The dedication of the first edition to Paoli was dated on his own birthday, and the book ran to a third edition before the October of the same year.

Soon after this event, he wrote his Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia; concerning the publication of which Sir John Hawkins guesses vaguely and idly, instead of having taken the trouble to inform himself with authentick precision. Not to trouble my readers with a repetition of the Knight's reveries, I have to mention, that the late Mr.

The advantages whereof above the former, the Reader may understand out of Dr H. More's Account prefixed therunto. With two Authentick, but wonderful Stories of certain Swedish Witches. Done into English by A. Horneck DD. London, Printed for S.L. and are to be sold by Anth. Baskerville at the Bible, the corner of Essex-street, without Temple-Bar.

Thus I another body can assume, And in a trice my own nature resume. Some for this cause of late have been so bold Me for no Element longer to hold, Let such suspend their thoughts, and silent be, For all Philosophers make one of me: And what those Sages either spake or writ Is more authentick then our modern wit.

Long vacation is here a vacation from pleasure, as well as business; nor is there any mode of passing the listless evenings of declining summer, but in the riots of a tavern, or the stupidity of a coffee-house. I have not thought it necessary to specify every copy of verses written by Johnson, it being my intention to, publish an authentick edition of all his Poetry, with notes.

Henderson, and it is evidently so authentick that I shall here insert it: HENDERSON. 'What do you think, Sir, of William Law? JOHNSON. 'William Law, Sir, wrote the best piece of Parenetick Divinity; but William Law was no reasoner. HENDERSON. 'Jeremy Collier, Sir? JOHNSON. 'Jeremy Collier fought without a rival, and therefore could not claim the victory. Mr.

In Norfolk, near the town of Lynn, in a field, which an ancient tradition of the country affirms to have been once a deep lake, or meer, and which appears, from authentick records, to have been called, about two hundred years ago, Palus, or the marsh, was discovered, not long since, a large square stone, which is found, upon an exact inspection, to be a kind of coarse marble of a substance not firm enough to admit of being polished, yet harder than our common quarries afford, and not easily susceptible of injuries from weather or outward accidents.

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