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Considered among the Germans, in the estimation of the Germans. Quique tueri. A clause connected to an adj. Qui in both passages==talis, ut. Hence followed by subj. Ut agant depends on assequuntur. Subj. H. 490; Z. 531, a. Si res poscat. Some copies read: si res poscat exercitus. But posco and postulo seldom have the object expressed in such clauses, cf. 44: ut res poscit; 6: prout ratio poscit.

"My Dear Mary: I arrived here last evening from Goodwood, and was glad to hear from Burke this morning that our Aunt Maria was as well as usual. I wish to get out to Cassius Lee's this afternoon, and will spend to-morrow on the Hill in visiting General Cooper, Mr. Fitzhugh of "Ravensworth," and "Burke," her coloured servant; Cassius Lee, my father's cousin; General S. S. Cooper, Adj.

Great tenderness, however, was exhibited by many of the Union Generals for the doomed Institution. On June 3, 1861, from Chambersburg, Pa., a proclamation signed "By order of Major General Patterson, F. J. Porter, Asst. Adj.

Orders," writes disgruntled Lieutenant Barker. "If any officers of the different Regts. are capable of taking sketches of a Country, they will send their names to the Dep. Adj. Genl ... that is an extraordinary method of wording the order; it might at least have been in a more genteel way; at present it looks as if he doubted whether there were any such."

All may well feel proud to inscribe on their banners the name of Santiago de Cuba. By command of Major-General Shafter. Official: John B. Miley, E. J. McClernand, Aide. Asst. Adj.-Gen. The Santiago Campaign. Report of Major-General Wm. R. Shafter, Commanding. September 13, 1898.

The Marquis effected, owing to your vigilance, a glorious retreat as well as a difficult one. Signed ALEX. SCAMMELL, Adj. Gen. Camp Valley Forge, May 23d, 1778. Dear Captain, I am pleased to hear you are still doing something to distinguish yourself in the eyes of your country.

Observe the use of the neuter plural of the adj. for the subst., of which, especially before a gen., T. is peculiarly fond. Medio rationis. The text is doubtful. The MSS. vacillate between medio ratinois and modo rationis; and the recent editions, for the most part, follow a third but wholly conjectural reading, viz. moderationis. See Freund ad duco. Uti propior. Cf. Freund ad uti. Longe propior.

Adj. Gen., Caldwell's Brigade. The report of General Miles is as follows: Headquarters Sixty-first Regt. New York Vols. Camp near Sharpsburg, Sept. 19, 1862. "I have the honor to transmit the following report: On the 17th inst., about 9 o'clock the Sixty-first and Sixty-fourth N. Y. Vol., under command of Col.

Enallage of the adv. and adj. ef. G. 18: extra. Ne sensisset. Would not have felt, etc., i.e. he recovered all the plundered offerings of the temple, but those which had been sacrilegiously taken away by Nero for the supply of his vicious pleasures. This explanation supposes a protasis understood, or rather implied in quam Neronis. See Wr. and Or. in loc.

He marched out into the night. "Call my car," Senator Corson directed a servant. In the reception-hall he encountered Silas Daunt, "Slip on your hat and coat. Come along with me to the State House. I'll show you how practical politics can settle a rumpus, after a visionary has tumbled down on his job!" At eleven o'clock Adj.-Gen.