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'We are done with patience! said Ernestine, hotly; 'and for that reason there is at last some hope for the women's cause. Now Miss Scammell will speak to you. A strange thing happened when Miss Scammell got up. She seemed to leave her attractiveness, such as it was, behind when she climbed up on the bench.

'Bad as Miss Scammell was, she made me rather ashamed of myself, Vida confided to Borrodaile. 'Yes, he said sympathetically, 'it always makes one rather ashamed even if it's a man making public failure. 'Oh, that wasn't what I meant. She at least tried. But I I feel I'm a type of all the idle women the world over. Leaving it to the poor and the ill-equipped to

We were bound for the Tagus with a cargo of salted fish which I had bought at Bergen from the Lofoden smacks fish for the Roman Catholics to eat in Lent. Nils Pedersen, the captain, was my husband: Knud Lote was mate." Mr. Scammell having expressed some surprise that so young a man should have been captain, she explained, "He was twenty-two. I made him captain.

The odd thing was that Miss Scammell kept on with her prickly task. 'Why don't you make her sit down? Vida whispered to Miss Blunt. 'Because I've got to see what she's made of. 'But surely you see! She's awful! 'Not half so bad as lots of men when they first try. If she weathers this, she'll be a speaker some day.

The Marquis effected, owing to your vigilance, a glorious retreat as well as a difficult one. Signed ALEX. SCAMMELL, Adj. Gen. Camp Valley Forge, May 23d, 1778. Dear Captain, I am pleased to hear you are still doing something to distinguish yourself in the eyes of your country.

To be sure, when, with a smile, she had sat down only a quarter of an hour before, in the vacated place of one of them, the other boy promptly withdrew with his pal. It would have been too compromising to remain alongside the charmer. But when Miss Scammell stood up on that same bench, she was assumed to have left the realm of smiles and meaning looks where she was mistress and at home.

Scammell sent me a Norwegian dictionary; and with the help of it Obed and I soon managed to talk a little with her, in a mixture of Norwegian and English. But she never wanted to speak of the past, and fell silent whenever we spoke of it. What astonished me more was that, though she told us the names of the dead men, she showed no further interest in them.

A short time before the taking of Yorktown, a Colonel Scammell, surprised by the English whilst reconnoitring, had been taken prisoner and dangerously wounded.

When the redoubt was taken, and Colonel Campbell, who commanded, advanced to give himself up, a captain, who had served under Scammell, seized a bayonet, and was on the point of striking him; Hamilton turned aside the blow, and Campbell exclaimed, "I place myself under your protection," and was made prisoner by Laurens.