Ego bis tricenis actis annis sine nota, Eques Romanus e lare egressus meo, Domum revertormimus ni mirum hoc die Uno plus vixi mihi quam vivendum fuit. * Porro, Quirites, libertatem perdimus." In these noble lines we see the native eloquence of a free spirit. But the poet's wrathful muse roused itself in vain.

Its original title was "Ane Short and Generall Confession of the True Christiane Faith and Religione, according to God's verde and Actis of our Perlamentis, subscryved by the Kingis Majestie and his Household, with sindrie otheris, to the glorie of God and good example of all men, att Edinburghe, the 28 day of Januare, 1580, and 14 yeare of his Majestie's reigne."

Each of these was under an Augustal prefect, attended by a Princeps, a Cornicula-rius, an Adjutor, and others, and was assisted in civil matters by a Commentariensis, a corresponding secretary, a secretary ab actis, with a crowd of numerarii or clerks.

Ann. 15, 50; His. 5, 20. In many editions, mihi stands before nunc narraturo. But nunc is the emphatic word, and should stand first, as it does in the best MSS. II. Legimus. Quis? Tacitus ejusdemque aetatis homines alii. Ubi? In actis diurnis. Wr. Hence the propriety of his saying legimus, rather than vidimus or meminimus, which have been proposed as corrections. Aruleno Rustico.

"Thou fair Waldschloss," writes our Autobiographer, "what stranger ever saw thee, were it even an absolved Auscultator, officially bearing in his pocket the last Relatio ex Actis he would ever write, but must have paused to wonder! Noble Mansion!

The account of his travels, together with his life, are to be found: in Bolandi Actis Sanctorum, 14to Januarii; in which he is honoured with the title of Saint. Oderic died at Udina in 1331. In 1737, Basilio Asquini, an Italian Barnabite of Udina, published La Vita e Viaggi del Beato Qderico da Udihe, probably an Italian translation from the Latin of Bolandi.

And round about the stone coffin these verses were graven, in the Latin tongue, being, according as it is said, composed by King Don Alfonso himself. And upon his tomb he ordered these verses to be graven also: QUANTUM ROMA POTENS BELLICIS EXTOLLITUR ACTIS, VIVAX ARTHURUS FIT GLORIA QUANTUM BRITANNIS, NOBILIS E CAROLO QUANTUM GAUDET FRANCIA MAGNO, TANTUM IBERIA DURIS CID INVICTOS CLARET.

"Then let her teach it to her, and if it succeeded by the young Lord of Wolgast, she would have both rings; if not, but one." Illa. "It would succeed without doubt; if his young wife had no promise of offspring as yet, she would remain childless for ever." Summa. Et ego testis adfui tametsi in actis de industria hand notatis.

But now let us conjecture that the so presentient Auscultator has handed in his Relatio ex Actis; been invited to a glass of Rhine-wine; and so, instead of returning dispirited and athirst to his dusty Town-home, is ushered into the Garden-house, where sit the choicest party of dames and cavaliers: if not engaged in AEsthetic Tea, yet in trustful evening conversation, and perhaps Musical Coffee, for we hear of "harps and pure voices making the stillness live."

He gart ilk juge redres the skaithis that come to the party be his wrang sentence; throw quhilk, he decorit his realm with mony nobil actis, and ejeckit the vennomus custome of riotus cheir, quhilk wes inducit afore be Inglismen, quhen thay com with Quene Margaret; for the samin wes noisum to al gud maneris, makand his pepil tender and effeminat.