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I was afraid you'd feel, if I had the cheek to write a note, or follow up and speak to you in the hotel, that I was kind of takin' advantage of what was an accident my luck in gettin' a chance to do a little thing for you. A mighty small thing; 'twouldn't have been visible except in a high-powered microscope, and only then if you looked hard for it.

'Tain't enough of it to be clearin' ground; people ain't clearin' up at this time o' year; that ground over there ain't the kind they'd clear up for anything. 'Twouldn't raise white beans if it was cleared; and you don't hear nobody choppin'." He looked again at the house. Everything was very quiet and peaceful around it.

Course 'twouldn't be any great of a place, not at first nor ever, I cal'late, so far as that goes. 'Tain't a very big bank and wages ain't " But she interrupted. "But that doesn't make any difference," she cried. "Don't you see it doesn't! The salary and all that won't count now.

"O Mis' Kinney! can't yer go away jest while we lay him down?" gasped Ike. "Seem's ef 'twouldn't be so hard." Draxy looked past him, as not hearing a word. "Bring him in here and lay him on this lounge," she said, in tones so clear and calm they sent both courage and anguish into every heart. Panting, and with grief-stricken faces, the men staggered in and laid the tall, majestic figure down.

"No, of course not," says our captain's yeoman, and rubs his fat chin. "Of course not." "But if you do," says Dalton, and sets his head sideways to see how Reginald was taking it "if you do, you'd make a hit with your skipper, you betcher only he'd never tell you." "Why wouldn't he, if he liked it?" "Why? 'Twouldn't be regulations. And now, you fellows, beat it.

You cannot deny me this, Judge," says Anna, with an arch smile, and pausing for a reply. "Wol, as to that," responds this high functionary, "if I'd power, 'twouldn't be long afore I'd dew it, though his mother'd turn the town upside down; but I hain't no power in the premises. I make it a rule, on and off the bench, never to refuse the request of a pretty woman. Chivalry, you know."

Gabe grunted that he did not know. He believed Mr. Snow was dead, had died years before. "Humph! dead, hey? Then I know where he went. Do you ever smoke or does drivin' this horse make you too nervous?" Mr. Lumley thawed a bit at the sight of the proffered cigar. He admitted that he smoked occasionally and that he guessed "'twouldn't interfere with the drivin' none."

"'Twouldn't do no harm now ter fasten back the canvas, Joe; maybe she'd feel a bit more ter home that away." There was a good-natured drawl to the voice which had a tendency to hearten the girl. The driver seemed human, sympathetic: perhaps he would respond to questioning. The other merely grunted, and began to unloosen the cover.

'Is it the Golden Gate tenement house? they asked of the neighbourhood locksmith, who was walking rapidly towards them. 'No, it's the coat factory next door, he answered hurredly. ''Twouldn't be so much of a blaze if they could get the fire company here to put it out before it gets headway; but it's one o' those blind fires that's been sizzling away inside the walls for an hour.

The light keeper, paying no need whatever, was shouting his wife's name. "Julia! Julia!" he cried. "Don't go! I want you! I need you!" Lulie called "Father" and hastened toward him. Zacheus whispered in Galusha's ear that he cal'lated 'twouldn't do no harm to turn on the glim and proceeded forthwith to turn up the wick of one of the lamps.

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