I carried thee and suckled thee and taught thee thi prayers in that cheer, and doesn'd ta think as Him we co'd "Aar Faither" is aar Faither still? 'Happen He's yours, mother; but He's noan o' mine. 'Well, 'Manda, if thaa'rt noan His child, thaa'rt mine, and naught shall come 'tween me and thee.

But all that's o'er' and Moses burst into tears. 'Nay, lad forshure thaa'rt takken worse. Well, I never seed thee cry afore. Mun I ged thee a sooap o' summat hot, thinksto? or mun I run for th' doctor? and Mrs. Fletcher looked at her husband with a scared and troubled face. 'Why, lass, I've been cryin' all th' day and that's why I've bin so long away fro' thee I didn'd want to scare thee.

I'll be bun those hens o' Whittam's hes been rootin' up thi flaars in th' garden. 'Nowe, lad thaa'rt mista'en Whittam's hens hesn't bin i' th' garden sin' thaa towd him abaat 'em last. 'Then mi mother's bin botherin' thee agen, said Matt, in a sharp tone, as though he had at last hit upon the secret of his wife's sorrow.

The voice, too, became low and mellow, and her religion, instead of being that of the Church, was now that of the home. One morning, while carrying the child through the meadows, she was overtaken by Amos Entwistle, who stopped her, saying: 'Tak' care, Deborah, tak' care, or the Almeety will overthrow thi idol. Thaa'rt settin' thi affections on things o' th' earth; and He'll punish thee for it.

But tears were streaming from Miriam's eyes, and she answered not. And then there dawned on the mind of Deborah the cause of her son's confusion, and a light stole across the hard lines of her face as she said: 'Is that it, lad? Thank God! thaa'rt in th' covenant after all. 'Naa, Matt, put on thi coite and fotch th' doctor, an tak' care thaa doesn't let th' grass grow under thi feet.

'All but that eighteen month thaa were away i' Yorksur, when th' cotton panic were on, thaa knows, lad. 'Yi, lass, aw know. Naa let me ged on wi' mi tale. Well, as aw were sayin', Mr. Penrose, I come in these parts as cut-looker at th' Brig Factory, and th' fust lass as brought her piece to me were Betty yonder. 'Thaa'rt wrang agen, Malachi.

'Then He'll hev to break me, Amos; for aw shall never bend, aw con tell thee. And the old woman stiffened herself, as though in defiance of the Providence which Amos preached. 'Why, Deborah, thaa'rt wur nor a potsherd. Thaa knows thi Bible: "Let the potsherds strive wi' th' potsherds; but woe to th' mon that strives wi' his Maker."

And at this Captain wagged his tail with delight, and rubbed his cold nose under the palm of Moses' hand. 'Aw've gin thee a bad name, owd mon, and they'n tried to hang thee for't; but thaa'll happen do summat some day as they'll tee a medal raand thi neck for, and when thaa'rt deead build thee a moniment.

And again he vowed his vow, and the still night air carried it far beyond the distant stars to where He sits who knows the thoughts and tries the reins of men. 'Thaa'rt lat' to-neet, Moses; where hasto bin?

He's gi'n Jim Crawshaw th' deeds o' Crawshaw Fowd, and towd him as he can pay him back when he geds th' brass. 'Abram, thaa'rt gammin'. 'Jim Crawshaw towd me this mornin', and I seed th' deeds wi' mi own een in his hond, and read th' letter Moses bed written. At this moment Mr. Penrose came along the field-path, and joined the two men.