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This condition is more commonly known as Thought Lapse or the inability to think of what you desire to say. One investigator shows that the diagnosis of "insanity" with later commitment to an asylum occurred in the case of a bad stutterer.

"If you d-d-did I just reckon you'd g-g-gone ashore and b-b-b-b " Of course, when Toby floundered in the depths one of his chums as usual pounded him on the back vigorously; but that would not have wrought a cure only that the unfortunate stutterer managed to give his whistle, and then cry triumphantly: "Busted it open there!" "You just bet I would," admitted Steve.

At this stage, the stammerer's confidence is hopelessly gone, so it seems, and this feeling is accompanied by one of depression which finds an outlet in the expression of the firm belief and conviction on the part of the stutterer or stammerer that the disorder can NEVER be cured, by any method, although just the day before the same sufferer would have insisted that his stuttering or stammering had CURED ITSELF and left of its own accord.

With these manifestations of improvement come also a greater ease in concentration, a greater and more facile power-of-will and an ambition that shows signs of rekindling, with worth-while accomplishments in prospect. Hope now burns high in the breast of the stutterer or stammerer. They go about smiling inwardly if not outwardly, happy as the proud father of a new boy, at peace with the world.

THE PROCRASTINATORS: The third type of incurable cases is that of the stammerer or stutterer who, against all advice and experience, has persisted in the belief that his trouble would be outgrown and who has by this means allowed the disorder to progress so far into the chronic stage as to make treatment entirely without effect. This type of incurable is very numerous.

He cleared his throat, "If I med make so bold, sir, meanin' no offence " "What n-now?" "Why, sir, speakin' in my simple common way, I never hears a body stutter in his talk but I think of my brother Sam and how he cured hisself. He was a terrible bad stutterer in his young days, he was, nearly bustin' hisself tryin' to get it out, poor soul.

Under the reign of Louis the Stutterer, son of Charles the Bald, two of his lieges, Wilhelm and Engelschalk, held two countships on the confines of Bavaria; and, at their death, their offices were given to Count Arbo, to the prejudice of their sons.

My career should be the Church, my pursuit the cure of souls, and and this pitiful infirmity! How can I speak the Divine Word I I a stutterer!" The young man did not pause for an answer, but plunged through the brushwood that bespread the banks of the rill, and his hurried path could be traced by the wave of the foliage through which he forced his way.

Napoleon drunk became a stutterer, who whistled between his discharges of seltzer. Van divined that this description was intended to indicate Elsa. "Gone back to China," said he. "That shave of yours is wasted on the desert air."

He belauds the clemency of a man, who, he tells us elsewhere, used to kill men with as much sang froid as a dog eats offal; the prodigious powers of memory of a divine creature who used to ask people to dice and to dinner whom he had executed the day before, and who even inquired as to the cause of his wife's absence a few days after having given the order for her execution; the extraordinary eloquence of an indistinct stutterer, whose head shook and whose broad lips seemed to be in contortions whenever he spoke.