Boiled Cod, Venetian Sauce. Hot Potato Salad. Cauliflower au Gratin. Cheese Souffle. Chocolate Bavarian Cream. Black Coffee. Straight lines in a room call for straight lines in furniture, rugs and hangings. They make a room dignified and serious in appearance. The severe line is also produced by velvet draperies topped by straight-lined lambrequins.

This makes a very delicate white sauce; and at elegant tables, is frequently used instead of bread sauce. RICE SOUFFLE. Blanch some Carolina rice, strain and boil it in milk, with lemon peel and a bit of cinnamon. Let it boil till the rice is dry; then cool it, and raise a rim three inches high round the dish, having egged the dish where it is put, to make it stick. Then egg the rice all over.

He hung up ma cousine's bonnet; fetched a footstool for ma tante; criticised the sauces; presided over the wine; cut jokes with the waiter; and pretended to have ordered every dish beforehand. By-and-by came Monsieur Choucru's famous cheese soufflé; and then, with a dish of fruit, four cups of coffee, and four glasses of liqueure, the banquet came to an end.

Steamed Chocolate Pudding, Sterling Sauce. Carrot Soup. Braised Beef. Boiled Potatoes with Butter and Parsley. Fried Parsnips. Onion Souffle. Add water, bake till apples are soft, basting repeatedly with syrup in dish. Remove, cool, pile meringue on top of each apple. Back to oven and bake for eight minutes. Black coffee. Huntington Soup and Celery. Braised Leg of Mutton. Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

If you live in a large town, the safest way of avoiding a failure in an omelette souffle is to hire a French cook to come to your kitchen with his own utensils and ingredients, and make and bake it himself, while the first part of the dinner is progressing in the dining room.

If they are cheap in England the following entree would be inexpensive and would look nice. Wash the fruit, cut them lengthways, remove the inside. Fill each half with a mixture made of beaten egg, grated cheese, and some fine breadcrumbs, and a dash of mustard. Put the halves to bake for a quarter of an hour, or till the souffle mixture has risen.

It differs, of course, from plain béchamel in having the piquant flavor of the aspic; in appearance there is little difference. Iced Savory Soufflé. This dish can be made of fish, game, or chicken, but is considered best made of crab. Cut up the crab, or whatever it may be, into small pieces; let it soak in mayonnaise sauce for two or three hours.

Thank you very much," he added, after a moment's pause. "Sam's going to work," said Sir Mallaby. "Yes," said Sam with dark determination. "Work is the only thing in life that matters!" "Oh, come, Sam!" said Sir Mallaby. "At your age I used to think love was fairly important, too!" "Love!" said Sam. He jabbed at his soufflé with a spoon.

The fascination of her fine and elevated intellect, her gentle sympathy, her keen appreciation of talent, and her graces of manner lent a singular charm to her presence. Her character was aptly expressed by this device which Rulhiere had suggested for her seal: "Un souffle m'agite et rien ne m'ebrante." Chateaubriand was enchanted with a nature so pure, so poetic, and so ardent.

He appeared at his best in cutlets but only a little less wonderful in the Hamburg steaks which I rolled and roasted on hot stones, watching them swell out into great balls that were as light as the finest souffle omelettes we used to have at the "Medved" in Petrograd.