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Searles looks so disappointed! I thought I should die one night, Mary Andrews and I laughed so." I verily believe that if Dr. Carr had been present at this conversation, he would have stopped at the next station, and taken the girls back to Burnet. But he did not return from the smoking-car till the anecdotes about Berry were finished, and Lilly had begun again on Mrs. Florence.

He bought his ticket and went directly into the smoking-car. When the train was beginning to pull out, he heard his name called frantically, and looking out of the window he saw Thea Kronborg standing on the siding, bareheaded and panting. Some boys had brought word to school that they saw Wunsch's trunk going over to the station, and Thea had run away from school.

"Possibly the dark, clinging kind." He eyed her wonderingly, but she was looking very innocently at the peregrinating chipmunk. "And it was so funny," she ran on, as if she had not heard his observation nor made one herself. "Coming home in the train from the Aqueduct the evening of the handicap, father left me for a moment to go into the smoking-car.

"Would you mind if I went into the smoking-car, dear?" asked the bridegroom in a tender voice. "What! to smoke, sweetheart?" questioned the bride. "Oh, dear, no," replied the young husband; "I want to experience the agony of being away from you, so that the joy of my return will be all the more intensified." No End to This Game for Two Said He: "It is sweeter to give than receive.

Now all was quiet and orderly, the dress of the students much neater; in fact, it was the usual difference between assemblages of men alone and of men and women together, or, as I afterward phrased it, ``between the smoking-car and the car back of it. Perhaps the most convincing piece of testimony came from an old janitor.

He heard the man ask for a ticket to Torresdale, a little station just outside of Philadelphia, and when he was out of hearing, but not out of sight, purchased one for the same place. The stranger went into the smoking-car, and seated himself at one end toward the door. Gallegher took his place at the opposite end. He was trembling all over, and suffered from a slight feeling of nausea.

There was never a berth for the lackey, who was relegated permanently to the smoking-car. Mr. Heathcote himself sometimes had to fight, bribe, and intrigue for one and often he failed to get breakfast or dinner through false information or the carelessness of somebody.

"I shall see the old woman and the kids very soon, thanks to your kindness." "Don't mention it," said Walter complacently. "I feel indebted to you, rather, as you have given me much more than an equivalent for my money." "That is true, but under present circumstances money is worth a good deal to me. Now, if you don't mind I will go into the smoking-car and have a little smoke before we arrive.

"Might I ask where you came from?" "From the ladies' carriage." "Oh!" with the air of having made a discovery. "So you ride out of the city in a smoking-car for the purpose of riding back in the ladies' carriage?" Clarence laughed again, settled himself comfortably in his seat and took out his cigar case. "Not exactly," proceeding to light a weed.

Their conversation lasted a full hour, and then, having learned all that could be learned from that source, and having delivered all of the messages sent by Madeline, he bade the old woman a kind good-night, and retraced his steps across the field and back to the village. When the night train halted at Bellair, Jarvis seated himself in the smoking-car, feeling quite self-satisfied.