I was awakened by a gentle pecking on the nose. "Tommy! Tommy!" Gosh, what a boy, to sleep through an earthquake and never notice it! Tommy, listen: here's our chance now. Wake up, for goodness' sake!" "What's the matter?" I asked sitting up with a yawn. "Sh! Look!" whispered Polynesia pointing out to sea. Still only half awake, I stared before me with bleary, sleep-laden eyes.

But at length a sudden stab of understanding pierced her sleep-laden senses, and in a moment she started up broad awake. Some one was in the room with her. Through the dumb stillness before the dawn there came the sound of bitter weeping. For a few seconds she sat motionless, startled, bewildered, half afraid. The room was in nearly total darkness.

He glanced down and found her walking with eyes closed and a faint smile on a very white face. The wind was blowing her hair into disorder, and he bent forward to draw her cloak more warmly over her chest. She looked up with her eyes dark and sleep-laden. "Am I coming undressed? Eric, you're very good to me! I shall miss you.

"Got some money, lads, with which you can square your ride?" inquired the railroad man, as he raised his lantern higher so he could the better estimate the fare he could charge his hobo-passengers, who had now risen and were rubbing their sleep-laden eyes, and then he recognized the twins, whom he had so often greeted from his passing train, and added: "Well, I will be danged if you hoboes aren't Widow McDonald's twins," and then, after he had questioned them as to their destination, and while he withdrew his lantern from the door, he finished the conversation by excusing himself: "It's all right, my lads," he cheerfully said, "all charges have been settled as we brakemen do not collect toll from friends.

She lifted her lids and glanced about drowsily, then propped herself on one elbow. Her sleep-laden eyes fell upon the white light slanting across the rough shanty floor. Suddenly, like a dark ghost, a shadow darted into it the shadow of a human head. At the first glimpse at it, Tessibel looked cautiously toward the window, and there, as in a frame, was a face a man's face.

The candle wavered in her hand; a drop of wax fell on the baby's spotless coverlet. Stooping, she blew upon it till it was cold, and carefully broke it off. She sat down in a low rocking chair, and lifting the baby, gave him his good-night nursing. He barely opened his sleep-laden eyes.

He dressed and opened the hatchway to go up mechanically and take his place in the fishing. When Yann was on deck, he looked around him with sleep-laden eyes, over the familiar circle of the sea. That night the illimitable immensity showed itself in its most astonishingly simple aspects, in neutral tints, giving only the impression of depth.

Fletcher was pretty well versed in his tricks, thanks to long years of experience, and there was little chance of further delay. So John sat up and dangled his legs over the side of the bed, while he rubbed his sleep-laden eyes with his fists. "Need a wet washrag?" No. He was wide awake now.

Save for the cackle of the poultry which had strayed into the courtyard, and the noisy yawns and sleep-laden ejaculations of the stable-boy, who was drawing water for the horses, all was still, for it had not yet gone five o'clock.

Vividly under my eyelids burned the picture of Miss West's sleep-laden eyes, her hair, and all the softness of her. A woman and desirable kept drumming in my brain. But I forgot all this, when, nearly at the top, I was thrown up the hill of the stairs as if it had suddenly become downhill.