'Bodley race-ball! he cried; and looking at Lady Jocelyn: 'Was your ladyship there, then? Why ha! ha! why, you have seen the Great Mel, then! That tremendous footman was old Mel himself! Lady Jocelyn struck both her hands on the table, and rested her large grey eyes, full of humorous surprise, on Mr. George. There was a pause, and then the ladies and gentlemen laughed. 'Yes, Mr.

On this day, I observed about a dozen ladies in the comfortless stand: these were here in order to qualify for the race-ball, the stewards having given out that no invites would be extended to any ladies who did not, on one day at least, grace the course with their presence. 24th.

McKeon," continued Father John, "think of the benefit this would be to Feemy; and you can't have any real objection; the race-ball is only for one night, and the girls will be too tired after that, to think very much of sleeping together." "But you seem to forget very likely Mr. McKeon wouldn't like my asking her; you know I couldn't think of doing it without asking him." "Oh! Mrs.

In fact, to tell the truth, this subject had been debated between the partners, who saw the advantage of courting both the Establishment and the Dissenters a manoeuvre which, I need not say, is repeated in almost every country town in England, where a solicitor's house has this kind of power and connection. Three months after this election came the races at Oldborough, and the race-ball.

Her daughters had nothing very remarkable about them to recommend them to our attention: they were both rather pretty, tolerably well educated, to the extent of a two years' sojourn in a convent in Sligo; were both very fond of novels, dancing, ribbons and potato cakes; and both thought that to dance at a race-ball with an officer in his regimentals was the most supreme terrestrial blessing of which their lot was susceptible.

In the evening, the race-ball took place, and here were congregated most of the assembly-going beauty of Baltimore; but, I should say, the cathedral is the place where the greatest portion may be seen.

He does not play billiards often, and never in public: but when he does play, he always contrives to get hold of a good flat, and never leaves him till he has done him uncommonly brown. He has lately been playing a good deal with Famish. When he makes his appearance in the drawing-room, which occasionally happens at a hunt-meeting or a race-ball, he enjoys himself extremely.

Your true votary of Terpsichore, and of him we only speak, requires, particularly in a land of easterly winds, which cut into his cab-head at every turn of every street, some previous process to make his blood set him an example in dancing. It is strong Burgundy and his sparkling sister champagne that make a race-ball always so amusing a divertissement.

Franks, you remember the ballet divertissement they improvised at the Bodley race-ball, when the magnificent footman fired a curtain and caught up Lady Racial, and carried her 'Heaven knows where! cried Sir Franks. 'I remember it perfectly. It was said that the magnificent footman did it on purpose to have that pleasure. 'Ay, of course, Hamilton took him up.

Gayner is to be here the night of the race-ball, and we've only the one bed." "Come, come, Miss Louey, I didn't expect to hear you say a word against your old friend; why should you be less good-natured than your mother? You see she's thinking how she can best do what I'm asking."