He was just about to have made her some answer, when, clapping on her Mask again without giving him time, she happily for him pursu'd her Discourse.

I have no arts, heaven knows, no guile or double meaning in my soul, 'tis all plain native simplicity, fearful and timorous as children in the night, trembling as doves pursu'd; born soft by nature, and made tender by love; what, oh! what will become of me then?

Nor will I think Myrtilla's virtue lessen'd for your mistaken opinion of it, and she may be as much in vain pursu'd, perhaps, by the Prince Cesario, as Sylvia shall be by the young Philander: the envying world talks loud, 'tis true; but oh, if all were true that busy babbler says, what lady has her fame? What husband is not a cuckold? Nay, and a friend to him that made him so?

I humbly thank your Ladyship. Gay. I'm glad thou hast her, Harry; but doubt thou durst not own her; nay dar'st not own thy self. Bel. Yes, Friend, I have my Pardon But hark, I think we are pursu'd already But now I fear no force. L. Ful. However, step into my Bed-chamber. Enter Sir Feeble in an Antick manner. Sir Feeb. Sir Cau. How lash my filthy Carcase? I defy thee, Satan Sir Feeb.

O thou poor, feeble, fleeting, pow'r, By Vice seduc'd, by Folly woo'd, By Mis'ry, Shame, Remorse, pursu'd; And as thy toilsome steps proceed, Seeming to Youth the fairest flow'r, Proving to Age the rankest weed, A gilded but a bitter pill, Of varied, great, and complicated ill! These lines are harsh, but they indicate an internal wretchedness, which I own, affects me.

And hotly have pursu'd it: Swore, wept, vow'd, wrote, upbraided, prayed and railed; then treated lavishly, and presented high till, between you and I, Harry, I have presented the best part of Eight hundred a year into her Husband's hands, in Mortgage. Bel. This is the Course you'd have me steer, I thank you. Gay. No, no, Pox on't, all Women are not Jilts.

And say unto them, You have done great evil To rob my master, who hath been so civil, And steal the cup wherein he drinks his wine; Is it not it whereby he doth divine? Then he pursu'd and quickly overtook Them, and these very words to them he spoke. To whom they said, Why hath my lord such thought?

Enter Sir Timothy, follow'd by Phillis, Sham, Sharp, and Betty Flauntit. Sir Tim. I am pursu'd by two impertinent Women; prithee, Friendlove, tell 'em I am gone out at the Backdoor, and send 'em away. Lord. What's the News here? Sir Tim. How, Celinda here, and Bellmour too! Nay, now wou'd I compound for my Life, at any rate, by Fortune. Phil.

It must be so: I must moil on in the damn'd dirty Road, And sure such Pay will make the Journey easy: And for the Price of the dull drudging Night, All Day I'll purchase new and fresh Delight. SCENE II. Sir Feeble's House. Enter Leticia, pursu'd by Phillis. Phil. Why, Madam, do you leave the Garden, For this retreat to Melancholy? Let.

The old woman in a great rage pursu'd me, and tho' drunk with wine, and their more hot desires, took the right way: and follow'd me through two or three villages, crying stop thief; but with my hands all bloody, in the hasty flight, I got off.