The boy pass'd slowly on, and with a sigh He wish'd he never had been taught to read, Then of the old churl's books he should have had no need. Of sufferings the poor have many, Which never can the rich annoy: I soon perceiv'd another boy, Who look'd as if he'd not had any Food, for that day at least enjoy The sight of cold meat in a tavern larder.

Creeping out with caution, I grew aware of two mournful facts: first, that the stable was indeed afire, as I perceiv'd by standing on tiptoe and looking over the hedge; and second, that my knee was hurt by Black Dick's bullet. The muscles had stiffened while we were crouching, and now pain'd me badly. Yet I kept it to myself as we started off again to run.

Let any man now consider with how small difficulty could the King have maintained his reputation in Italy, if he had followed these aforenamed rules, and secured and defended those his friends, who because their number was great, and they weak and fearful, some of the Church, and others of the Venetians were alwaies forced to hold with him, and by their means he might easily have been able to secure himself against those that were mightiest: but he was no sooner got into Milan, than he took a quite wrong course, by giving ayd to Pope Alexander, to seize upon Romania, and perceiv'd not that by this resolution he weakned himself, ruining his own friends, and those had cast themselves into his bosom, making the Church puissant, by adding to their Spiritual power, they gaind their authority, and so much temporal estate.

His Friend thought him to be little better than a Madman, when he perceiv'd him of a suddain snatch out of his Bosom a Handkerchief, which having kiss'd with a great deal of Ardour, he took Aurelian by the Hand, and smiling at the Surprize he saw him in; I have since I saw you beheld the most Beautiful of Women.

His Excellency perceiv'd by my Countenance I was not satisfied, and therefore bid me take Heart, he wou'd send a Number of Palanquins with us, and if we found the second Region impervious by Reason of the Cold, we shou'd have the Liberty to return.

Aurelian concluded immediately it was his Father in quest of him; and without saying any more to Hippolito, than that he was Ruined if discovered, took his Sword and slipp'd down a back pair of Stairs into the Garden, from whence he conveyed himself into the Street. Hippolito had not bethought himself what to do, before he perceiv'd a Lady come into the Chamber close veil'd, and make toward him.

The souldier thus rob'd while he was in the vault, the next day, when he perceiv'd one of the bodies gone, dreading the punishment, he told the lady what had happened; and, added that with his sword he wou'd prevent the judges sentence; if so be she wou'd please to give him burial, and make that place at once the fatal monument of a lover and a husband.

From the conversation of the party, it appear'd that they had been spending the early part of the evening in a gambling house. A second, third and fourth time were the glasses fill'd; and the effect thereof began to be perceiv'd in a still higher degree of noise and loquacity among the revellers.

Yet these nine years were vanished, before I had engaged my self in those difficulties which use to be disputed amongst the learned; or begun to seek the grounds of any more certain Philosophy then the Vulgar: And the example of divers excellent Men who formerly having had the same designe, seem'd not to me to have succeeded therein, made me imagine so much difficulty, that I had not perhaps dar'd so quickly to have undertaken it, had I not perceiv'd that some already had given it out that I had already accomplished it.

When Lycas perceiv'd how well, tho' in this trouble my yellow ornament became me, he was inflam'd afresh; and viewing me with lovers eyes, addressed himself as such, when laying aside the haughty brow of a master, he put on the tender complacency of a friend: but his endeavours were fruitless.