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"I can't have been thinking what I said," remarked Miss Toombs, as she put aside her teacup to go on with her work. "I thought not," retorted Miss Hunter. "You haven't told me very much about him," said Mavis. "I've never heard much good of him," declared Miss Hunter. "Men are scarcely expected to be paragons," said Mavis.

Take's mother held up her hands. She was shocked. "Why, Take!" she said. "The man was her father!" "Tell us another," said Taro. "Please, honored Mother, don't tell me about any more Paragons," said Take. Her Mother was still more shocked.

We don't know how much they hide from us: how watchful they are when they seem most artless and confidential: how often those frank smiles which they wear so easily, are traps to cajole or elude or disarm I don't mean in your mere coquettes, but your domestic models, and paragons of female virtue. Who has not seen a woman hide the dulness of a stupid husband, or coax the fury of a savage one?

"Madge has not been made what she is by paragons," Mr. Muir remarked, dryly. "She made herself. They only helped her, and couldn't have helped a silly woman." "It's time you were jealous, Mary," said Graydon, laughing. "Mary isn't a silly woman. I should hope that no Muir would marry one." "I see no prospect of it," was the rather cold reply.

She likes to appear as the personification of all the virtues, self-sacrificing and otherwise, and this idiosyncrasy is, of course, frequently fatal to sustained interest. We do not care for these sensational paragons. In "Mademoiselle Marni" Miss Bingham played the part of a very beautiful French actress, of whom everybody said: "Oh, what a woman!"

The finest pearls are called virgin pearls, or paragons; they form in isolation within the mollusk's tissue. They're white, often opaque but sometimes of opalescent transparency, and usually spherical or pear-shaped. The spherical ones are made into bracelets; the pear-shaped ones into earrings, and since they're the most valuable, they're priced individually.

There are several beautiful English women who have come up with the army; but no colonel, major, or captain, has brought such paragons with him, as Herman Mordaunt, a gentleman who may be known to you by name?" "Personally too, sir. Herman Mordaunt is even a kinsman of Dirck Follock, my friend here." "Then is Mr.

"I shouldn't mind in the least," her husband declared. "I never met a young man whom I respected and admired more." "Nor I, for that matter," the Duchess agreed. "And yet, somehow or other " "Somehow or other?" the Duke repeated courteously. "Well, I never altogether trust these paragons," his wife said. "In all the ordinary affairs of life the Prince seems to reach an almost perfect standard.

Of all these paragons none ever tasted more of this persecution than poor Sophia. Her ill stars were not contented with all that she had suffered on account of Blifil, they now raised her another pursuer, who seemed likely to torment her no less than the other had done. For though her aunt was less violent, she was no less assiduous in teizing her, than her father had been before.

I hate paragons of women, and would scorn to be one, but I tell you, brother, Amelie is a paragon of a girl, without knowing it!" "Hum, I never tried my hand on a paragon: I should like to do so," replied he, with a smile of decided confidence in his powers. "I fancy they are just like other women when you can catch them with their armor off."