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As he went past the cemetery, he see Edith leanin' over the fence with that no-count Jack Weston an' it was past midnight, too!" In the midst of such general satisfaction, it was perhaps inevitable that at least one person should not be pleased. And that person, as will be readily guessed, was Thomas.

I said a match for the black, an' it peers to me like you've gone an' bought the black hisse'f an' is tryin' to put him off on me. No no my kind frien', you'll not fin' anything no-count enuff to be his match on this terrestrial ball. "By this time you cu'd have raked Jud's eyes off his face with a soap-gourd. "'What? w-h-a-t? He why I bought him of Dr. Sykes.

"And that ain't all his accomplishments," broke in Bunker Hill relentlessly, "Mr. Diffenderfer is a count a German count sometimes known as Count No-Count. But as I was about to say, his greatest accomplishments have been along tonsorial lines." A line of pain appeared between the Professor's eyes but he stood his ground defiantly.

"Now, Jud had lied to me an' swindled me terribly, when he put off that old no-count hoss on me. Of course, I might have sued him, for a lie is a microbe which naturally develops into a lawyer's fee. But while it's a terrible braggart, it's really cowardly an' delicate, an' will die of lock-jaw if you only pick its thumb.

Levin at once went down the short, winding stairs to a table spread in the kitchen end, and the old woman blew a tin horn towards Johnson's Cross-roads, as if summoning other boarders, and then she said to Levin, with a very pleasing countenance: "Son, these yer no-count people will be askin' you questions to bother you, and I don't want no harm to come to you, Levin; so you tell everybody you see yer that Levin Cannon is your name, and they'll think you's juss one o' my people, and won't ask you no more."

In her eyes a twinkle of merriment battled with the fire of righteous indignation, and at last she even laughed with a low pealing note like a silver bell. "He's an impudent, no-count devil," she said, "but he's got right unfalterin' nerve, an' thar's a mighty pleasin' twinkle in his eyes."

He smiled grimly and thought of the little no-count and the tragedy of the white bantam. In the shining light around him he seemed to see her pitiful face as White had described it the eyes full of tears but never overflowing, the misery and hate, the loneliness and impotency. At two the next morning Jim tapped on Truedale's window with his gun. "Comin' fur a walk?" "You bet!"

Miss Philly, you got a smooch on dat waist, and your skirt is hiked up behind. I declar' I believe you've lost a button." "Why, so I have, Mammy June," answered Phillis. "And more than one. Nobody has time to keep buttons sewed on up at the house, now that you're not there." "Shiftless, no-count critters, dem gals up dere. Sho, honey! who is all dese lil' white children?"

But that's my pretty history, a no-count, ne'er do well, and if it weren't for Peggy Stewart, God bless her! you'd a been lyin' 'long side o' yo' ma out yonder this minute, for all I'd ever a-done to keep you here, I reckon, much less give you the education you're a-gettin' now. No, honey, I won't go up to the great house.

Pete's forbears drank wine and talked like lords; Pete has ter rely on mountain dew and that accounts fur the difference in his goin's-on; but once he's sober, he's quality is Pete. Pete's got two darters Marg an' Nella-Rose. Old Doc McPherson use' ter call 'em types, whatever that means. Marg is a type, sure and sartin, but Nella-Rose is a little no-count that's what I say.

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