And there was a rich squire, who made his money by speculatin' in wickedness, and a mortgage, and I don't know what all. And those Cape Cod folks! and the houses they lived in! and the way they talked! Oh, dear! oh, dear! I got my money's wuth that afternoon." "What about the wreck? How did that happen?" "Don't know. It happened 'cause it had to be in the play, I cal'late.

Amused with what had passed, I replied, "That my name was Jacob that I was a waterman, and born on the river." "I find thee apt; but tell me, art thou perfect that our ship hath touched upon the deserts of Bohemia?" "Do you land at Westminster, sir?" "No: at Blackfriars there attend my coming. "Base is the slave who pays; nevertheless, what is your fare, my lad? "What money's in my purse?

"Sophonisba! much use her French is in this place. She says their French and the French she learnt at school are two perfectly different things. So you may make up your mind that all those extras for languages you paid for the children were so much money thrown away." "That's a consoling reflection, now the money's gone," quoth Mr. Cockayne.

Some plotting, greedy fellow the kind of man you see everywhere now-a-days, will fool her for the money's sake. 'We must hope they'll be much older and wiser before they have to act for themselves, said Mary, looking into her master's troubled face. 'Yes! He came nearer to her, with a sudden hopefulness.

Captain Sam spoke first. "What's that?" he demanded. "What money's that?" Jed's fingers moved back and forth across the bills and he answered without looking up. He seemed much embarrassed. "Sam," he faltered. "Sam er you remember you told me you'd er lost some money a spell ago? Some er money you'd collected over to Wapatomac. You remember that, don't you?"

I should imagine that anything so terribly disagreeable as an arrest might be avoided." "It is a hard case," said Mark, pleading his own cause. "Though these men have this claim against me I have never received a shilling either in money or money's worth." "And yet your name is to the bills!" said the dean. "Yes, my name is to the bills, certainly, but it was to oblige a friend."

"Money's out of the question!" the princess and Kitty exclaimed with one voice. "They appreciate a present..." "Well, last year, for instance, I bought our Matrona Semyenovna, not a poplin, but something of that sort," said the princess. "I remember she was wearing it on your nameday." "A charming pattern so simple and refined, I should have liked it myself, if she hadn't had it.

"I am here to hear anything you wish to say to me. Any threats that you have to make, any bargain that you wish to propose. I thought when I paid you that money " "That money's gone; it went in a few hours." He felt savagely angry at her calmness, at her pride and superiority. Why, knowing what he knew, she ought to be pretty well on her knees to him.

"Well, not exactly strikes he did not contend that we workmen had not full right to combine and to strike for obtaining fairer money's worth for our work; but he tried to persuade me that where, as in my case, it was not a matter of wages, but of political principle of war against capitalists I could but injure myself and mislead others.

Yet, on the other hand, he was very well aware that he was exchanging freedom for servitude, and that he was entering into a bargain with a man who would make quite sure that he was getting his money's worth; and he knew in his heart that he had something better to do than to play, however successfully, the part of a courtier.