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I cried, backing into a corner by the hinges and holding my pile of magazines in front as a rampart, "don't be an automobile any more." She waved an open letter in her hand. "Mother says I may elect all the math I want. She says I can't write a little bit. She says that this prize story shows I can't. She says it is awful all except the plot, and that isn't mine, you know.

"Could such an effect have a sufficiently great effect on this ship to give it as much as six hundred forty pounds of thrust?" "Again, I should have to check the math, captain, but I would assume so." "Mr. Blackhawk," the captain turned to his engineer, "could such a thrust throw Hot Rod off her communications beam and cause last night's disaster?"

Jackson, "'has been unsatisfactory in the extreme, both in and out of school." "It wasn't anything really. I only happened " "'French bad; conduct disgraceful " "Everybody rags in French." "'Mathematics bad. Inattentive and idle." "Nobody does much work in Math." "'Latin poor. Greek, very poor." Everybody says so." "Here are Mr.

This is his mathematics work merely for the first year, yet it is more and more thoroughly covered than the high school boy's entire course. During their first three months of plebedom, and with their course behind them in the really fine high school at Gridley, Dick and Greg had not found their math. much of a torment.

Our children come first, and that's why I established a bipartisan National Commission on Excellence in Education, to help us chart a commonsense course for better education. And already, communities are implementing the Commission's recommendations. Schools are reporting progress in math and reading skills.

"What a curious delusion we had, back at Gridley!" laughed Greg, in their room, one night. "Which particular delusion was that!" Dick demanded, without looking up from his geometry. "Why, we thought our easy old Gridley work in math. was going to fit us to race easily through the first two years here!"

It was not alone by the strength and fierceness of King Math, but also by the magic spells of Gwyd, that Pryderi was slain. After burying the hero, King Math came back to his palace and found out what Gily had done. Then he took Goewen away from Gily, and to make amends for her trouble, in being thus torn from his palace, King Math made her his queen.

At the end of every week the markings of each cadet in every one of his studies is posted, and the sections are rearranged, if need be. The men in the lowest section of all in a given study are styled the "goats." The members of the "goat" section, in math. for instance, are men who feel rather certain that they will presently be "found" and dropped from the cadet corps.

Then, seeing Graham's math book on the table, she felt a tinge of recognition. There had been some of these on a table in her castle when she had demanded that Dorothy give her those magic shoes. So these were called books! "Is this the one?" she asked, picking up his math book with her free hand. "What are these words on it?" "What's wrong?" asked Graham. "Can't you see? Don't your eyes work?"

"Home," Sally replied, "home to muse with wonder and sorrow over the sickening cruelty of Ducky Lucky." "I know," Eleanor nodded sympathetically; "isn't to-morrow's math. simply terrible. I'm not going to try to do it." "Well, I am," Sally announced emphatically. "Catch me staying in for an hour and listening to a long and weary lecture on my many sins; no thanks.