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At that time he was a reporter on a Philadelphia newspaper, and in appearance was what he continued to be until his death, an unassertive but self-respecting, level-eyed, clean-toothed, and wholesome athlete. The reporter developed rapidly into the more serious workman, and amongst the graver business was that of war correspondent.

He knew that she was already rehearsing what she must say to Whistling Dan. "You are not afraid?" She smiled. "Do you really trust me as far as this?" With level-eyed tenderness that took his breath, she answered: "An absolute trust, Mr. Lee." "My name," he said in a strange voice, "is Lee Haines." Of one accord they stopped their horses and their hands met.

You do not require the blood, the thorn, the spikes, but I wonder if even you of a glorious generation, do not still require the Cross?... It is because you see so surely and are level-eyed, that Pan is back in the world for you; and it is very strange but true that you must first meet Pan and pass him by, before you can enter into the woodlands with that valid lord of Nature, whose back is a challenge to aspiration, and whose feet are of the purity of the saints.

Sam can show speed to any of these Marmons from Minneapolis!" Only when she was in the motor car did she distinguish the three people who were to accompany them. The owner, now at the wheel, was the essence of decent self-satisfaction; a baldish, largish, level-eyed man, rugged of neck but sleek and round of face face like the back of a spoon bowl.

"What do you mean by people of my class?" Cally raised a white-gloved hand and put back a tendril of her gay hair. She looked at him level-eyed. The man's constant and cocksure "I," "me," "mine," rubbed her strongly the wrong way. This was Dr. Vivian's Settlement, and nobody else's. She was convinced that Vivian would have made a far better Director anyway.... Mr. Pond, however, smiled suddenly.

Whole races of artists have lied about Pan, because they listened to the haunting music of his pipes. It calls sweetly, but does not satisfy. How many Pan has called and left them sitting among the rocks with mindless eyes and hands that fiddle with emptiness!... Pan is so sad and level-eyed. He does not explain. He does not promise too wise for that. He lures and enchants.

Hamilton had hit it off aptly at that. Level-eyed and diffident of tongue, with only a hint of his hidden bodily perfection lurking in breadth of shoulder and slenderness of waist. A prize-fighter! Cecille fell asleep wondering how soon he would come again. As to whether he would come at all she was never for a moment in doubt.

Last I heard he was goin' to try the Flyin'-V's, but that was six months or more ago." Buck's shoulders straightened and his chin went up with a sudden touch of swift decision. "Got a horse I can hire?" he asked abruptly. Pop hesitated, his shrewd gaze traveling swiftly over Stratton's straight, tall figure to rest reflectively on the lean, square-jawed, level-eyed young face.

Barely a minute later the doctor came a quiet, bronzed man, level-eyed and strong. He bent over the stricken figure on the bed, and drew the tumbled covering up a little higher. He had just written "mortally wounded" of this man on his hospital report, but there was nothing in his manner to indicate that he had no hope for him. "Get another pillow," he said to the native orderly.

Then they melted ... and the first aviation disaster was chronicled." She looked at me frankly and level-eyed, but her face held only mystification. "I'm afraid," she said, "you must construe the parable." I shook my head gravely. "I'm glad you don't take its meaning."