I shot some quail Let go my hand." He laughed evilly, without mirth. "Don't try any of your sassy ways on me. By God, I'm a wolf on the howl." In spite of her supple slenderness there was strength in her small wrists. She fought and twisted till she was worn out in her efforts to free herself. Panting, she faced him. "Let me go, I tell you." For answer his open hand struck her mouth.

She wore a black lace dress, almost severe in fashion, which gracefully emphasized her slenderness; and she sat with her knees crossed, the firelight twinkling on the beads of her slipper, on her silken instep, and flashing again from the rings upon the slender fingers she had clasped about her knee. She had lit a thin, long Russian cigarette. "You see?" she laughed. "I mus' keep up with the time.

"I'll ce'tainly do that, Miss Whitford." "Then we'll look for you Thursday afternoon, say." "I'll be here." "If the police don't get you." "They won't," he promised serenely. "When you're quite ready, Bee," suggested Bromfield in a bored voice. She nodded casually and walked out of the room like a young Diana, straight as a dart in her trim slenderness.

The place would have fallen notwithstanding the slenderness of the besieging army had not a sudden and severe frost caused the prudent prince to raise the siege.

Her hair was red, drawn back rather tightly from her forehead, but breaking into waves over her ears. With the red of her cheeks and the red of her lips she had something of the look of Lorenzo Lotto's lovely ladies, except for a certain sharp slenderness, a slenderness which came, I was to learn later, from an utter indifference to the claims of appetite.

His gaze remained fixed on the ribs of the horse, self-conscious and sombre, as though he were afraid to look about him at the badness of the world. And his slenderness, his rosy lips and pale, clear complexion, gave him the aspect of a delicate boy, notwithstanding the fluffy growth of golden hair on his cheeks. He pouted in a scared way like a child.

"There's the gong for luncheon," was Gertrude's only reply as she moved toward the door. Bea's flare of denunciation had subsided quickly in her characteristic manner. She sat absently nibbling the handle of the obliging pan, while staring after the receding figure, its girlish slenderness stiffened as if to warn away all friendliness. "She's stubborner than ever.

Indeed, thought Medora, he made other young men in nearby boxes young men of "means" and "position" look almost plebian. "He is charming," she said to herself, over and over again. What about him "took" her? Was it his slenderness, his grace? Was it his youthfulness, intact to this moment and promising an extension of agreeable possibilities into an entertaining future?

From Ralph's point of view Derry Drake was not handsome, and he was utterly unaware that back of Derry's silver-blond slenderness and apparent languidness were banked fires which could more than match his own. And there was this, too, of which he was unconscious, that Derry's millions meant nothing to Jean.

That he desired, besides, the passing benediction of her hands, the fragrance of her corn-gold hair, the sight of her slenderness: this she had guessed and gloried in. Till now, he had touched her physical self neither in word nor deed. To-night, she knew, the barriers would be down; to-night they would kiss.