"I don't doubt, though, but if a lone swimmer got in a school of horse mackerel he'd be badly bitten. In fact, some years ago, when there was a shark scare along the New Jersey coast, some fishermen declared that it was horse mackerel that were responsible for the death and injury of several bathers.

But he said enough to let Weiss er er Oh, why CAN'T I remember that Portygee's name? to let him know that he'd like to have him settle up what was left of his affairs, and to send word to us about about the boy. There! I hope you feel easier, Mother; I've got 'round to 'the boy' at last." "But why did he want word sent to us, Zelotes? He never wrote a line to us in his life."

"He stopped runnin' after he'd got rid of the pocket-book, and a minute after, up came the 'copp, and took Dick." "Why didn't you come forward, and explain the mistake?" "I was afraid Micky'd beat me." "Do you know this Micky Maguire?" said the judge, turning to the officer. "I do." "What is his reputation?" "Bad. He's been at the Island three or four times already."

He was always a queer chap, Neave; years older than you and me, of course and even when I first knew him, in my raw Roman days, he gave me an extraordinary sense of age and experience. I don't think I've ever known any one who was at once so intelligent and so simple. It's the precise combination that results in romance; and poor little Neave was romantic. He told me once how he'd come to Rome.

"And pray! he'd pray with hands and eyes both open, in such a way that every one believed it would have immediate attention; that God would damn the Rebellion; and may be next day he'd have Long Tom doing its full share in hurrying the rebels themselves to damnation.

When he bites that time I gives him both hands. That eel comes through the air jest whistlin' an' w'irlin'. I slams him ag'inst the great state of Virginny. Suppose one of them bass you boasts of takes sech a jolt. Whatever would he have done? He'd lay thar pantin' an' rollin' his eyes; mebby he curls his tail a little. That would be the utmost of them resentments of his. What does my eel do?

Then he told them that the dragon had been thinking over things, and saw that there were two sides to every question, and he wasn't going to do it any more, and if they were good perhaps he'd stay and settle down there. So they must make friends, and not be prejudiced and go about fancying they knew everything there was to be known, because they didn't, not by a long way.

"Not at all, as far as I'm concerned," said Turl, taking a bank-bill from his pocket and handing it to Larcher. "I've heard of Mr. Barry Tompkins," said Bagley. "He'd do all right. But if he's a friend of Davenport's " "He isn't a friend," corrected Larcher. "He met him once or twice in my company for a few minutes at a time."

"It won't hurt either of you to wait until I come back," was the Doctor's ultimatum, and Derry, longing for sympathy, left him presently and made his way to the Toy Shop. "If we were to wait ten years do you think I'd love her any more than I do now?" he demanded of Emily. "I should think he'd understand." "Men never do understand," said Emily "fathers.

Broke his poor wife's heart, turned his daughters out of doors, drove his sons into the streets; it was a blessing he went mad at last, through evil tempers, and covetousness, and selfishness, and guzzling, and drinking, or he'd have drove many others so. Hope for HIM, an old rip!