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'Ho yes sir, we're beginning to make a bit hov a show now, sir, replied Crass, speaking as if he had a hot potato in his mouth. 'Mr Rushton isn't here yet, I suppose? 'No, sir: 'e don't horfun come hon the job hin the mornin, sir; 'e generally comes hafternoons, sir, but Mr 'Unter's halmost sure to be 'ere presently, sir.

Not one word of French could I speak, and in consquince had nothink to do but to make myself halmost sick with heating hices and desert, while the hothers were chattering and parlyvooing. "Ha! "July 24.

"There was a smell of tea there there's always a smell of tea there the old lady was at her Bohee as usual. I advanced tords her; but ha! phansy my extonishment when I sor Mary Hann! "I halmost faintid with himotion. You were no longer mortial, you were diwine! "R! what little Justas the hartist has done to my mannly etractions in the groce carriketure he's made of me."*

"Getting better, Miss; she is hable to be up halmost hall the time; but she's failed away to a shadow. Is there hanythink more, Miss?" "Nothing more, thank you. You may go." Eunice departed; and Rose, sinking into a rocker, beguiled the time until dinner with a book. She heard Mr. Stanford and Kate coming upstairs together, laughing at something, and go to their rooms to dress.

"You go soak your head," he retorted. "And no gun hon 'is 'ip," went on the sergeant. "But w'y, ho, w'y does 'e wear red shirts?" The interpreter spraddled out his legs. "Folks git rich mindin' their own business," he said meaningly. Kippis could not forego a last jibe. "Person'd halmost think you's goin' sparkin'," he declared.

"Wictims of that nashnal cuss, the Broken Gage, me and Mrs. Plush was left in the train to Cheltenham, soughring from that most disgreeble of complaints, a halmost BROKEN ART. The skreems of Mrs. Jeames might be said almost to out-Y the squeel of the dying, as we rusht into that fashnable Spaw, and my pore Mary Hann found it was not Baby, but Bundles I had in my lapp.

By the powers of Moll Kelly, but you won't serve Pat Kallahan that dirty trick again anyhow. "As he levelled at me, I fell back, and the ball passed right over me and struck a wounded orse that was broke down behind, and a sittin' up on his fore-legs like a dog. Oh, the scream of that are hanimal, Sir, was just like a Christian's. It was hawful. I have the sound of it in my ears now halmost.

The smiles grew to audible mirth when she confided in a loud voice to Jenkins, stowed away in the berth above her, that she hoped to goodness nobody on board would snore and keep her awake. Jenkins's answer, floating tremulously down, convulsed the sleepy girls: "Hi 'ope not, ma'am. Hit's a bad 'abit, ma'am, halmost, you might say, han haffliction."

W'y, 'yn't Hi halmost learnt me letters off from bundle carts an' 'oardings? M, he, hay, t that spells 'beef. The bobby on hour beat, 'e told me, an' Hi 'yn't fergot a mite. T, haych, he, hay, t, r, he, spells 'show. 'E told me that, too. Hi 'yn't one as would st'y hignorant, Hi 'yn't." "Fer Gawd's sake!" said the officer, entirely nonplussed by this display of the girl's erudition.