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This is my house, and has been for twenty years. I want this man searched. "'Oi hov no warrant permithin' me to invistigate the contints ov dthe gintlemon's clothes, returned the intelligent member of the force. 'But av yez 'll take yer solemn alibi dthat yez hov rayson t' belave the gintlemon has worked ony habeas corpush business on yure propherty, oi'll jug dthe blag-yard.

Was hers a steady, enlightened opposition to superstition? or and a subtler thought was she mastered by some vaster, profounder superstition, a fetish-worship of which the Alpha and the Omega was the cryptic SAMUEL? "Wull ye be tellun' me," she said, "thot uf the second Samuel hod been named Larry thot he would no hov fell un the hot watter an' drownded?

"Look here, Mister Rile, vill you be pleashed to ssay when we are to hov' something to eat? for by Gott! ve vill kill te dom pigs in the long-boat if the skipper don't mindt so look out!" As ill-luck would have it, Captain Coxon was at the break of the poop, and saw me come out of the forecastle. He waited until he had got me alongside of him, when he asked me what I was doing among the men.

"I hov not," said Pat. "Have you read the Constitution of the United States?" "I hov not, yer Honor." The Judge looked sternly at the applicant, and asked: "Well, what have you read?" Patrick hesitated but the fraction of a second before replying: "I hov red hairs on me neck, yer Honor." Apostle and Epistle

"'Thin ut's a phwhim, sez she. "'No, sez I. 'Ut's a sinsation. If ut was a phwim, ut'd be youse as would hov' it'; that's what I sez, sevarely loike, sorr, and out I shtarts. It was tin o'clock whin I got here. The noight was dark and blow-in' loike March, rainin' and t'underin' till ye couldn't hear yourself t'ink. "I walked down the walk, sorr, an' barrin' the t'under everyt'ing was quiet.

I like tull lussen tull the thunder growlun' an' roarun', an' rampajun'. My Katie could no abide the noise of ut, but must scream an' flutter an' go runnun' for the mudmost o' a feather-bed. Never yet hov I heard the answer tull the WHY o' like, God alone hoz thot answer. You an' me be mortal an' we canna know. Enough for us tull know what we like an' what we duslike.

He communed with himself for a moment, and then muttered indignantly: "Tull error on fire-bars, sux pounds." "Hov ye heard of Jamie?" his wife asked in the pause. Captain MacElrath shook his head. "He was washed off the poop wuth three seamen." "Whereabouts?" "Off the Horn. 'Twas on the Thornsby." "They would be runnun' homeward bound?" "Aye," she nodded. "We only got the word three days gone.

The slow-stations are emphatically slow; the keepers are slow, the horses are slow, the whole concern is slow. From Bjerkager to Garlid, and from Garlid to Hov, including all delays, a distance of three hours and a half ordinary time, it took me all day. No entreaties, no offers of extra compensation, no expressions of impatience produced the slightest effect.

'Look here, muster, says I, 'when I'm shuftun' a shup ot night I follow the law, an' the law dustunctly says I must regulate me actions by the lights o' the shuppun'. Your lighter never hod no ridun' light, nor dud I look for ony lighter wuthout lights tull show ut. "'The mate says he beguns. "'Domn the mate, says I. 'Dud your lighter hov a ridun' light?

If I hov not seen her den I was a nightmare und she was mad. Look up dar. "He obtained no answer. The seamen attending the indication of the Dutchman were to a man gazing aloft with hanging chins; for on high up in the cross-trees, a visible bulk of shadow, there sat, squatted, hung what? A man? No angel from heaven surely?