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He was probably in a state of crass ignorance regarding the Thirty-nine Articles; but it was the "engrafted word," of which the Bible speaks, that had blossomed in Timothy's heart; the living seed had always been there, waiting for some beneficent fostering influence; for he was what dear Charles Lamb would have called a natural "kingdom-of-heavenite."

Clearly the man was a fool, or something else. And I was obliged to halt the file and wait until the Wyandotte had changed to spare moccasins; which I am bound to say he seemed to do willingly enough. And my belief in his crass stupidity grew, relieving me of fiercer sentiments which I had begun to harbour as I thought of all we knew or suspected concerning this man.

The slaughter was evidently to be put off until next week! It seemed too good to be true. 'P'hap's 'e's left a message for some of us with Crass? suggested Easton. 'I don't think it's likely, but it's just possible. 'Well, I'm goin' down to ask 'im, said Harlow, desperately. 'We may as well know the worst at once.

He had a crass sense of justice, but there was in him a deeper thing still: the revelation of the human soul, the responsibility of speaking to the heart which has dropped the folds of secrecy, exposing the skeleton of truth, grim and staring, to the eye of a secret earthly mentor. "If it has been hidden all these years, why do you tell it now, my son?" "It is the only way." "Why was it hidden?"

One afternoon Crass sent him with a handcart to a job that Easton, Philpot, Harlow and Owen were just finishing. He got there about half past four and helped the men to load up the things, and afterwards walked alongside the cart with them back to the shop.

Crass listened with ill-concealed chagrin to Owen's account, but most of the others were genuinely pleased. 'But what a way to speak to anybody! observed Harlow, referring to Hunter's manner on the previous Monday night. 'You know, I reckon if ole Misery 'ad four legs, 'e'd make a very good pig, said Philpot, solemnly, 'and you can't expect nothin' from a pig but a grunt.

'Talking about the drains, I wonder what they're going to do about them; the 'ouse ain't fit to live in as they are now, and as for that bloody cesspool it ought to be done away with. 'So it is going to be, replied Crass. 'There's going to be a new set of drains altogether, carried right out to the road and connected with the main.

The work teems with unjust, incorrect opinions; is full of crass ignorance and grotesque exaggerations, which lead the unlearned astray, injure Germany's cause, and annoy those who know better so far as they do not excite ridicule.

The children looked wistfully at their parents, anxious that they should confirm what the good woman surmised; the father looked again at his famished brood and his sinking wife, and nature overcame him. "Food did not crass our lips this day," replied Owen; "an' I may say hardly anything yestherday." "Oh, blessed mother!

In him the Soul's pure flame Burns brightlier in a not inord'nate frame. Of old when Heroes fought and Giants swarmed, Men were huge mounds of matter scarce inform'd; Wearied by leavening so vast a mass, The spirit slept and all the mind was crass. The smaller carcase of these later days Is soon inform'd; the Soul unwearied plays And like a Pharos darts abroad her mental rays.