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"Well, I told him to go to the devil; and the fellow took offence, you know." "H'm odd, too," said Harry. "Why should he take offence at such a simple remark?" "Don't know, I'm sure," said Ashby; "but there it is, you see. However, that makes no difference. I've defied him and threatened him." "Threatened! Why?"

"I suppose you have felt that in your own case," said Aglaya. "Yes, I have," replied the prince, quite unsuspicious of any irony in the remark. "H'm well, at all events, I shouldn't have fallen asleep here, in your place. It wasn't nice of you, that. I suppose you fall asleep wherever you sit down?" "But I didn't sleep a wink all night. I walked and walked about, and went to where the music was "

"A year ago was on the streets, to put it plainly; since then has been getting her living at laundry-work." "H'm. Name?" "Ida Starr." Mr. Woodstock had been gazing at the toes of his boots, still the same smile on his face. When he heard the name he ceased to smile, but did not move at all. Nor did he look up as he asked the next question. "Is that her real name?" "I believe so."

"We are getting near the heart of the mystery." "H'm," said Gatton, "I'm not so sure. The deeper we go the darker it gets. A man has been scouring the neighborhood all day in quest of the carter who delivered the crate to the docks, but so far without results.

"H'm destiny it is," said the general, "and there's no getting out of destiny." With these words they all moved off towards the drawing-room, where another surprise awaited them. And if I dared to turn your beautiful, admirable simplicity to ridicule, forgive me as you would a little child its mischief.

"You would not deprive us of the pleasure of a little visit." "H'm. By cutting it close, I can wait a few minutes." "You need not trouble to wait, papa. You can introduce him to Mr. Ashton some other time." "May I offer myself as a substitute?" put in Lord James. "Mrs. Gantry has told me so much about the elder Mr. Ashton. Quite curious to meet him." Blandly taking Mr.

You've had an adventure; give it up, every bit of it." "One of the finest horsewomen I ever saw. Took a wall three feet high the other morning, just to see if I dared follow. Lucky Dandy is a hunter, or I'd have broken my neck." "Very interesting." Then of a sudden a thought flashed through my head and out again. "Anybody with her?" "Only myself these three mornings." "H'm!

Kennedy moving the light, a square well was revealed, not more than three feet across. Foot-holes were cut at intervals down the further side. "H'm!" said Smith "I was hardly prepared for this. The method of descent that occurs to me is to lean back against one side and trust one's weight entirely to the foot-holes on the other.

"Nor will it till fifty years more of civilization have passed over the town. It took a waggon and four horses to get it here." "H'm. It looks as if you were living on capital." "O no, I am not." "So much the better. But the fact is, your setting up like this makes my beaming towards you rather awkward." "Why?" An answer was not really needed, and he did not furnish one.

They certainly don't look as if they were ever naughty. My new friend is just like a lovely white rose, and she doesn't look as if she could ever be naughty either." "H'm," remarked Peter, "she's no mortal, lassie, then." "Peter, you're not a bit nice about the Foresters. I tell you they are just as sweet as they can be, both Blanche and her mother."

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