Then she started to laugh once more: "What wouldn't I give to see Kie Wicks' face when he opens that chest?" Back in the ravine, the men had carried the trunk to a cave and Kie grabbed it. "Fine!" he said. "Those folks will learn who's boss here." "You're clever, Kie. You let those greenies do the hard work while you watched and then you grab the treasure. I call that smart!"

I must pass rapidly over the condition of things in the fo'lk'sle, where all the greenies that were allowed below, were groaning in misery from the stifling atmosphere which made their sickness so much worse, while even that dreadful place was preferable to what awaited them on deck.

The minute it is known we are interesting ourselves in these greenies' welfare, our popularity will take a jump upward. Every one of you can either give me your promise tonight to help or keep away from me the rest of the year. Think it over. Don't promise and then go to grumbling behind my back about it. If you do, I'll be sure to hear it."

"When the Corps captured us, they dragged us from wherever we were working, and as far as I know left the Greenies untended. They've probably all run back to the woods." Hanlon looked at his father. "I'm going out to look. I have a feeling ..." and he walked out without saying more.

Some fairies are Brownies and some are Greenies, and of all that really and truly dance in the moonlight right here in America, Luna Greenie seems the most wonderful; and this is her history: Once upon a time there was a seed pearl that dropped from the robe of a green fairy.

"The greenies stand as good a show at this board as the profesh." "Will you play for a dollar?" she challenged. "I'll play for two bits, to-night. Anything to start action." He twisted his mouth with ready chagrin. "I'm about ripe to bet against myself." She fumbled at her reticule, but I was beforehand. "No, no." And I fished into my pocket. "Allow me.

The latter was eager to improve this acquaintanceship so strangely begun, and for more than one reason. "Could you show us to Mother Beasley's if it isn't very far away?" Nan asked. "Aw, say! What d'ye think? I ain't nawthan' ter do but beau greenies around this burg? A swell chaunc't I'd have to git any eats meself. I gotter sell these posies, I have." "But you can eat with us!" Nan suggested.

She ain't well now and her money's about run out, I reckon. Say! did youse ever find them two greenies youse was lookin' for?" she suddenly asked Nan. "Oh, no! We're looking for them now," Nan replied. "Have you seen them, Inez?" "I dunno. I b'lieve my friend may know something about them." "You mean the girl you are with?" Nan asked. "Yep." "Who is she?" asked Bess.

Some of them, of course, didn't have a ghost of a show for honors in the trial of speed and endurance; but they wanted to show what they could do. Jennie Bruce herself was one of the contestants; but, as she told Nancy, she didn't expect to go half the distance. Some of the seniors who were in earnest remarked that they didn't see the use in letting the "greenies" clutter up the ice.

I don't care what you do with 'em, so long's you keep 'em quiet, and don't disturb the company. Kill 'em, if you want to, but keep 'em quiet. I've got to finish up them pay-rolls tonight." "You bet me and Shorty'll stop these smart Alecks from imposin' on the poor little greenies," asserted Si.