Mihul said I'm considered one of the gang in this project. From now on I'll behave like one. And I'll also expect to be treated like one." "Hm," said Quillan. "Well, there is something you can do, all right." "What's that?" "Go on display here, now." "What for?" she asked. "As bait, you sweet ninny! If the boss grabber is on this ship, we should draw a new nibble from him."

The clear-browed woman did not know how truly this arrow had sped to its mark. It silenced forever Arthur Ferris, and lent a new caution to the scheming plans of the old money grabber. "If I only had my cipher book," was the first thought of the excited Ferris, "I must telegraph to Hugh and put him on his guard. What the devil can Clayton have picked up?"

However, I kept firm hold of the wire, and my sensorium made me aware of something passing like this: "Market active. Fair demand for exchange. Transactions from five to ten thousand shares. Aristides railroad-stock scarce. Rates of freight to Liverpool firm. Yours respectfully, Grabber and Holdham." Upon my word, said I, this is rather dry! only a merchant!

Now it appeared that he too was a grabber. Fancy following her out there daring to. Nobody else had. Perhaps her mother had given him the address because she considered him so absolutely harmless, and thought he might be useful and see her home. Well, whatever he was he couldn't possibly give her the trouble an active young man like Mr. Briggs might give her. Mr.

The quick hand of the land grabber has fluttered the leaves a million times; the damp clutch of the perturbed tiller of the soil has left traces of his calling on the ragged leaves. Interest centres in the file room. This is a large room, built as a vault, fireproof, and entered by but a single door.

After all, it had been like that for a brief period many years ago. Scotty moved to his side. "This is the oddest ghost-hunting expedition I've ever been on. No equipment but a flashlight. Not even an electronic spook spotter." Rick nodded agreement. "Too true. But any experienced ghost grabber knows that you can catch a sackful with only a flashlight and a pair of shoestrings."

The same paper which had been so prominent in sounding them through the western part of the State continued them as before, and, almost to the very day of his death, assailed him periodically as a ``land jobber, ``land grabber, and ``land thief. But he took these foul attacks by tricky declaimers and his vindication by three of his most eminent fellow-citizens with the same serenity.

Even that, even the palm for valour, he had placed in her hands. The little victor. The greedy little grabber of other people's things.... Gerda moaned at last. "Only a little longer," said Nan, and laid her hand lightly and coolly on the hot wet forehead. The little winner... damn her.... The edge of a smile, half-ironic, wholly bitter, twisted at Nan's lips. Voices and steps.

No decent "Grabber," would stoop to petty stealing there; beautiful burglaries, yielding hundreds of pounds in silver plate; elegant highway robberies, producing piles of guineas and heaps of diamond watches, that was the business followed by lads of the cross at that time in England.

All declared that Sara, with many shortcomings, was neither a poacher nor a grabber. Girls consulted her in their love troubles, and not a few owed their marriages to her wise arbitration. She had the gypsy's spell. Thus it happened, therefore, that Agnes, who was habitually reserved, found herself thinking aloud in the presence of this mysterious but not hostile personality.