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The laughter of the goodnights died away. Anne and Gilbert walked hand in hand around their garden. The brook that ran across the corner dimpled pellucidly in the shadows of the birches. The poppies along its banks were like shallow cups of moonlight.

Bert put the button carefully away, and the party guests were soon eating their ice cream, and discussing the disappearance of the freezer and the finding of it by the boys. Then with the playing of more games, and the singing of songs, the affair came to a close, and goodnights were said. "We've had a lovely time!" said the boys and girls to Flossie and Freddie, as they left.

That woman knew how to waltz! They kept up a long time, and tired out all the others. Then they talked a few moments longer, and after the goodnights, or rather good mornings, the guests of the chateau retired to bed. Charles dragged himself up by the balusters. His "knees were going up into his body."

They were eventually tucked away snugly in their warm blankets, and had said the last goodnights as the lantern was extinguished, and darkness reigned within the tent. Outside, the fire burned low, since Jack did not see any necessity for leaving much of a blaze when it was a summer night.

Then it will dry all Sunday, and not come off, so it will be the Ursula for ever and always. Here nurse claimed her charge; and when the goodnights were over, and a murmur recommenced, Nuttie suggested that if Mr. Dutton was at home perhaps he would come in and make up the game, but she encountered the old humour.

Not a movement was lost on the watching Dirk. When the door was closed and the goodnights had been said, Mrs. Roberts leaning from the carriage again for that purpose, and when the horses had dashed around the corner, he still occupied his position on the curbstone, gazing down the street, gazing at nothing unless he saw a reflection of his own bewildered thoughts.

"Come," he said, "we are going to dance; will you be my partner?" We danced, and then followed songs and parlour games, and it was in the small hours when the merry goodnights were all said and we had retired to rest. Aunt Helen dropped to sleep in a short time; but I lay awake listening to the soft distant call of the mopokes in the scrub beyond the stables. My Unladylike Behaviour Again

Westmore's withdrawal, and the two ladies, after an exchange of goodnights, left the men to their cigars. Mr. Langhope was the first to speak. "Bessy's as hopelessly vague about business as I am, Tredegar. Why the deuce Westmore left her everything outright but he was only a heedless boy himself." "Yes. The way he allowed things to go, it's a wonder there was anything to leave.

Presently, the evening drawing near, the bo'sun set us to the building of fires about the hill-top, and after that, having waved our goodnights to the people in the hulk, we made our suppers, and lay down to smoke, after which, we turned-to again at our plaiting of the sennit, the which we were in very great haste to have done.

And I fell into a half-revery, in which the hailmarys wove themselves in and out, like threads in a pattern. Dreamily enough, I heard the youthful guests depart, in a gale of laughter and flute-like goodnights. And I noted, too, that no light as yet shone in the Butterfly Man's rooms. Well he would hurl himself into the work to-morrow, probably, and clear it up in an hour or two. He was like that.