So it was that he was forced to face the prospect of staying in Boston and allowing this opportunity of opportunities to pass unimproved. His fiancée, Miss Hubbard, expected to attend the exposition, and had heard nothing of Bell's inability to go. He went with her to the station, and as the train was leaving she learned for the first time that he was not to accompany her.

She was a good girl, and no fool, either, and I thought to myself that she would make me a good wife, even if she was plain and had a washed-out appearance and was none too young. I was too passionately in love with my prospective alma mater to care whether I could love my fiancée or not "I have a fellow for you," I said to Gussie, under the guise of pleasantry, meeting her in the street one day.

Earnestly he went on: "It's a chance of a life time. It means a lot to me and Fanny too." "Yes, that's true," chimed in his fiancée. Virginia turned and looked at her sister. "How?" she demanded. Jimmie, as usual, replied for his slower-witted partner: "Do you think," he said, "I want to be a shipping clerk all my life? Well, I don't. I've got ambitions. Yes, and I've got the ability.

He is amazed to think that this delicious child's presence has never given him the slightest uneasiness; that he has never thought of any other happiness than that of being near her. Why should not a love like that he has dreamed of some day spring up in her own heart? Have they not grown up together? Is he not the only young man that she knows intimately? What happiness to become her fiancee!

For the movements of that gentleman from this time until the first "date" in the case, August, 1750, we must rely mainly upon the narrative given by his fair fiancée in her Own Account, and, unfortunately, after the manner of her sex, she is somewhat careless of dates.

Of course, what I myself have told you in confidence is sacred." "Certainly. There are things in the life of a garcon before marriage which would be an affront to the modesty of his fiancee to communicate and discuss. But then those things must belong exclusively to the past and cast no shadow over the future. I will not interrupt you further. No doubt you have work for the night before you.

In the foyer of the theatre you may see a young officer walking round and round, his arm under that of his fiancée or bride, and her hand fondly clasped in his.

"No, no, you must not think of your fiancee in that way." "Oh, I am not thinking of her." William and his sister came up to them, and together they went into the house. On a morning several days later Mogens and Thora were walking in the garden. He was to look at the grape-vine nursery, where he had not yet been. It was a rather long, but not very high hothouse.

No man ever thinks he is as homely as he really is, but Jno. Peters had always come fairly near to a correct estimate of his charms, and it had always seemed to him, that, in inducing his fiancee to accept him, he had gone some. He now began to wonder if he were not really rather a devil of a chap after all.

He had no business to use the word 'my. You are engaged to Basil Stanhope, not to Fred Mostyn." "I am Basil's lovely fiancee; I am Fred's lovely friend." "Oh! I hope Fred understands the difference." "Of course he does. Some people are always thinking evil." "I was thinking of Mr. Stanhope's rights." "Thank you, Ethel; but I can take care of Mr. Stanhope's rights without your assistance.